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because it is not getting enough fuel. it sounds like your injectors are clogged or your fuel pump is going bad. try running some premium gas and some fuel injector cleaner through it and see if that helps. if not then replace your spark plugs and wires. a weak spark will not ignite the fuel propperly. no burn = no go. It could all so be the TCV or Throttle control valve, which controls your throttle at idle speeds. So if you hold the gas pedal down you can make it start but it won't idle on its own. AutoFox, sgfox78@Yahoo.comm

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โˆ™ 2005-08-05 03:50:51
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Q: Why would a 1995 Ford Taurus with a 3.8 engine and fuel injection start when forced but not idle?
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What would cause a no start condition when engine spins in a 1995 Ford Taurus sho 3.2l?

what would cause a no start condition when engine spins in a 95 taurus sho 3.2l

What could cause a 2007 Ford Taurus not to start?

the engine

How do you prevent fuel injection flooding?

You can prevent fuel injection flooding by not pumping the gas pedal when trying to start the engine. Fuel injection systems do not need any additional fuel when starting the engine.

What is DI?

DI means Direct Injection. Diesel engine depending on combustion categorised in Direct injection or InDirect injection Engine. Direct Injection engine combustion takes place directly above the piston. But indirect injection combustion initially takes place pre-combustion chamber and after transfered to above piston.DI engine more fuel efficient, easily start in cold condition, But Noise more.

Your 97 Taurus wont go anywhere when you press the gas?

start the engine first!!

How do you start a warm fuel injection engine?

Turn the key to start the vehicle but don't press the accelerator at all.

Why will the engine turn over but not start in a 1996 Ford Taurus?

Common reasons for a 1996 Ford Taurus engine that turns over won't start are a faulty compressor or ignition. The engine may not be able to compress the air/gas mixture well enough for it to burn when the spark fires or the ignition may be unable to produce the spark required to start the combustion process.

My 98 Ford Taurus won't start engine turning ok but will not start what do I check for?

Try replacing the fuel pressure regulator

How do you test fuel injection system?

Start with giving us the year, make, model and engine info.

Why do you have to pump the accelerator to start the car?

It would depend on the vehicle. If the vehicle has a carburetor, the pumping action primes the engine with fuel to help start the engine. If the vehicle has fuel injection, pumping is not required.

How does a stater work on a engine?

The starter, upon activation, has a gear that is forced onto the engine's flywheel's gear to turn the motor over. Upon engine start or release of the start voltage the starter gear disengages.

What would cause a wire burning smell in a 1994 Ford Taurus GL when the engine will turn over but won't start?

The starter is burning.

What happens if you race the engine while starting it?

well , it depends on your engine type .. If you are using an older vehicle (an engine without MPF-i (fuel injection)) , nothing will happen , the car will just burst to a start , that is all.. But if you are using an engine with MPFi/Fuel injection , it may damage your fuel pump , so it is recommended that you start the vehicle on idle. unless if your car is not starting , you may need to step on the accelerator just a bit .. note : If you are having a K-Series Engine , The engine may quickly jump to 6000 rpm if you raise the engine while starting , and that may damage your emission and fuel injection systems

What causes white smoke from diesel engine when its hot outside?

White smoke is unburned fuel, usually caused by low combustion temps in the engine. It should clear up after the engine warms up. If it takes a long time or the smoke persists when the engine is warm, it could be retarded injection. If you have a cold start lever pull it to the first notch and see if the smoke disappears. If not it could be an injector problem, or an injection problem (injection pump TDI... etc)

Why is your Mitsubishi L200 Diesel rebuilt engine hard to start?

i think it has a problem in your injection pump or injector. or try to check your timing and your heater.

What causes a 1999 sierra five three liter engine to hard start if the truck sets for less than one hour?

The fuel injection is not getting gas. Fix or buy a new fuel injection pumb.

How many cold cranking amps to start your 1993 Taurus at 0 degrees?

Almost any auto battery will start the engine if it is runnging good. But I would buy at least a 500cca battery.

Where is the thermal time relay?

On a bosch CIS or CIS E fuel injection system there is a thermal time switch located on the engine upper radiator coolant hos at the head. This device controls the cold start injector timedto engine temperature, cold engine up to about 10 seconds of injection, hot engine 1 or 2 seconds of injection. This switch is used on many European models (VW, MB, etc.) Since you did not provide a make, year and model of the vehicle this is only a guess.

What model and year did the cars start having check engine light?

They got a check engine light when they went to fuel injection. Varies from make and model. Most got it in the mid '80's

How do I adjust idle speed 2002 Ford Taurus?

You don't. It is regulated electronically. If the check engine light is or has illuminated start with having the codes pulled and diagnosed.

Can you start a fuel injection with out a fuel pump?

You can start the fuel injector but is going to do nothing without fuel. Without gasoline being pumped to the injector is will not spray fuel and the engine will not run. Every internal combustion engine must have some sort of fuel pump.

When did they start making Taurus single action 45LC?

Check with Taurus Customer Service through their website.

Can a camshaft sensor make a car not crank at all?

No, the engine will still crank over but will not start if this sensor is bad because it controls the fuel injection circuit.

How does diesel oil work?

I assume you mean in a diesel engine? The engine is made with a very high compression ratio, much higher than a gas(petrol) engine. The fuel is injected as a spray at the right time in the engine stroke cycle, and the high compression instantly heats it to ignition, providing the power stroke of the engine. Engines can be made with indirect or direct injection. The latter are now almost universal in small auto engines. The older indirect engines required a preheat of the fuel to start and were less efficient. The direct injection type start instantly without preheat. Older direct injection engines were noisy but electronic control of the injection has now enabled quiet and smooth auto engines which are very popular in Europe because fuel consumption is much lower than with gas(petrol).

How do you start a fuel injection engine if it does not start first time?

DO NOT try and try again. This leads to a dead battery and/or flooded engine. Instead, try lightly tapping the accelerator pedal ONCE while cranking the engine. If that doesn't work: Something is broken. Get it to a mechanic who can understand what is wrong.