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You need to check the crankshaft position sensor located on the top of the intake near the rear of the back side of the altenator the wire is usually attached to the alternator bracket my 1997 grand caravan 3.3 did the same thing good luck

AnswerIt sounds as if you have an ignition module going out, or a fuel pump/relay failing.

This is very dangerous as the vehicle could stall out at any moment leading up to an accident. You should'nt drive this thing until the problem is fixed.

Also be sure the fuel filter isn't plugged up, replace it.

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Q: Why would a 1996 Dodge Caravan intermittently die while driving and not restart immediately?
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If the check engine light is or has illuminated, have it scanned for codes. They may help find the cause.

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Timing belt or tensioner, loss of charging, fuel pump, ignition module among others. This year and model has a recall posted for the ignition switch. When the faulty ignition switch becomes worn over time, the vehicle will begin to intermittently and suddenly shut off while driving or while standing and idling. The recall notice says that the car will be able to restart but will continue to intermittently shut off without warning.

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check your coil

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After driving my truck and then shutting it off i go to restart it after 15 min it wont crank or turn over?

that sounds like your starter motor isn't working, which would explain why there is no noise when you try to restart it

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