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Why would a 1996 Dodge Intrepid stop when put in gear?


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2005-12-10 06:29:51
2005-12-10 06:29:51

If you can keep it running by revving it at a higher speed than idle it's a performance problem but if it dies even when reved up then it's probably the lockup torque convertor is staying locked up which will cause it to stall out. It could either be an electrical problem keeping power to the convertor or the convertor itself is bad, either way take it to a knowledable mechanic. Possible as well that the air intake hose might have a crack or split in it which allows more air in without computer knowing, I'm not sure if it has a air flow sensor which measures the amount of air coming in and thus giving it gas for that amount of air. I had a car that would stumble on its face when you applied the gas going forward, but had all kinds of power going in reverse. Forward would open the split and reverse would close it.


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You need to have the trans computer checked for codes. There will be a code that will lead to what is causing the no shift.

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Of course.... the differential / transaxle uses a Mopar 75 - 90W Hypoid Gear oil

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