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Why would a 1997 Ford Escort make a ticking noise like it is out of oil and die at stop lights?

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2004-07-16 11:00:35
2004-07-16 11:00:35

Hey Alissa==Put some oil addativee in the crankcase for sticking valve lifters. It should help after running for a couple of weeks. The dying is probably the idle control solonoid which is on the throtle body. Take it off and clean it. Also clean the inside of the throtle body. GoodluckJoe

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from which part of your engine is the ticking noise coming from. if is the TOP it would most likely be lifter noise.try using a thicker oil.

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well it sounds like your lifters are ticking The connecting rods screaming LET ME OUT!!!

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98 Chevy new 383 block 30k, ticking noise from sounds like heads . 210k on heads;

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