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Start with a good tune up, new plugs, wires, dist cap and rotor, fuel and air filter. Clean the idle air control and inside the throtle body, and run some injector cleaner through it.

2004-09-16 10:55:24
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Why would engine that was idling then suddenly die?

water in the fuel can cause an idling motor to sputter and/or die.

Why would a car sputter when idling?

because itt needs to be work on

Why does your 2000 civic sputter when idling?

Could be in need of a tune up.

1994 Toyota Paseo stalls out when idling in traffic?

Could be EGR valve sticking open or dirty at an idling condition or hesitates when accelerating.

Can too much oil cause the car to sputter while idling?

Possibly. The main thing it can cause is severe engine wear. Too much oil is just as bad as too little.

What makes a car sputter?

A malfunctioning battery can't provide enough power to your ignition system when the motor is idling can cause sputtering. If there is not enough gas, that can cause your vehicle to sputter. If the spark plugs fail to fire will also cause your vehicle to sputter.

Why does 2003 Ford Taurus run fine but has trouble idling and will sputter and stall and the check engine light is on now?

If the check engine light comes on it is best to take it to a auto part store or mechanic for a diagnosis. They will be able to inform the owner what the issues is.

Chevrolet Venture engine makes noise when idling sounds seems to come from transmission area When in drive and accelerating lot's of noise once driving constant speed noice disappears.?

I have an 04 Venture that did the same thing. Turned out to be the Engine mounts, apparently it is really common. Since i have gotten them replaced i haven't heard the noise or had a single problem.

2001 Ford Explorer Engine idles funny and stalls when accelerating from a stop?

Replace the Idle Air Control Valve only about $50. This would cause funny idling and stalling out.

What causes a 2002 suturn sl1 to spit and sputter while idling?

It could be many things. Try spraying brake cleaner on the back side of the engine where the intake manifold meets the cylinder head. If the gasket is bad the engine will mis fire or stumble.

What is idling of engine?

A car that is stopped with the engine running.

When idling my truck is spontaneously accelerating in short bursts. The power steering pump answers back. Engine light on. Any ideas what the problem is?

Have it checked for codes, and diagnose the code.

What would cause a louder then normal noise when accelerating and idling in a 1996 Toyota Camry?

Could be your timing belt.

What is wrong with 1996 Corvette that runs rich and misses when idling but O2 sensors have been replaced and check engine light is off and there are no more codes to check?


Does the fuel enter an engine when it's idling?


Why is my engine knocking when under load towing accelerating ect but not when idling of decelotating?

== Bad bearings?Loose wrist pin?Only happens under extreme engine load? == PredetonationRunning hot?Timing too far advanced?Fuel octane rating too low?

What causes car to sputter when giving it gas even though it runs fine when idling?

Sans other problems, my experience dictates that you have a fuel filter that needs changing. Idling? hardly any pressure through the gas lines. Accelerating? pressure builds and, the fuel filter being clogged somewhat, the gas can't get through, and it's choking, so to speak. Try changing the filter. Get a Chilton's mechanic repair book and look at the trouble-shooting chapter, and look for your problem.

What does a purr sound like?

an idling diesel engine or snoring :]

Motor is rocking when at a redlight idling?

check the engine mounts

Can sparkling plugs affect the idling of Nissan 1400?

Yes, "sparkling plugs" is definitely detrimental to idling or smooth running of an engine

I have a 99 Jeep.My check engine light came on. Code stated it was heating sensor. Replaced sensor. Check engine light still on. Runs hot when idling. I had engine cooling fan replaced 2 yrs ago.?

Not sure if this will help but try this answer on another site.

Why would a 2000 Ford Taurus Sputter and Miss at running speed and not when idling and not when you accelerate?

It may be a EGR valve issue. This valve is normally closed at idle and opens at about 40mph.

How do you check transmission fluid on a Dodge Intrepid?

Engine idling in park

Why does the engine get hot when idling?

The fan clutch is not functioning properly. Replace.

Will a Chevy 350 idling bend valves when timing jumps?

NO not that engine.