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You need to check fuel filter located in the gas tank. It happened to a Dodge of mine before. When I hit 3000 rpm for a period of time my truck would shudder and die. The problem was clogged fuel filter

If you were like me and had just changed the fuel filter and fuel pump relay and your fuel pump tests as OK then it could also be two other things -- the mass air sensor wire and/or sensor is dirty or defective. This is located in the air filter collar as it attaches to your throttle body. Another possible cause is a dirty air intake valve. Buy a can on Seafoam intake valve cleaner, folllow the directions on the can, and spray it into the throttle intake as someone else is revving the engine up. This will clean the air intake valve and should solve your problem. Put a bottle of fuel injector cleaner in your tank and top off with premium. disconnect your battery for five minutes (this helps reset the computer) and start her up. The computer will re-adjust itself based on the fuel air mix. Next tank of gas repeat fuel injector cleaner but use mid grade. On third tank go back to regular gas with fuel injector cleaner. This should solve your problem. Also, if you hadn't already, change your air filter.

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Q: Why would a 1999 5.9L Durango stall at high speeds?
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