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If the engine won't turn over, clean the battery cables. If it will turnover but not start, findout if it needs fire or fuel to run then go from there.

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โˆ™ 2004-11-08 09:46:30
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Q: Why would a 1999 Ford Contour cut off when put in drive and not start again?
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Why does your contour start but will cut off when driving?

it would be easier to answer if one knew what was meant

Why would my 1998 ford contour stall when you slow down or turn corners there is no warning it just stalls but it will start right back up again?

Had same problem in my 2000 contour. The problem was with a bad wire on my fuel pump. Every time i turned a sharp corner car would stall. I replaced fuel pump and no probs since.

Why would a 95 ford contour start but not stay running if its not the fuel pump?

It could be your EGR valve.

Why would a car stop running while driving then not start back up?

About a zillion things, one would be a bad fuel pump. If it will jump start and drive a few miles then die again replace your alternator.

Why would a car drive for a while and then stall and then start again on its own?

There would be a spark plug loose n it wiggled and it got back into place and started back up

What would cause the gas gauge and speedometer to start and stop working on 1998 contour?

got the same exact problem.

How would I clean out my cd drive?

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Why would your 1999 Hyundai excel drive fine until warm then stall and not start again until it has sat for 15 to 30minutes?

your crank angle sensor playing up.

What would cause the 90 Chevy Beretta to cut off after a say 40 mile hike start back up but wouldn't stay running in drive or reverse. Is there a speed sensor or something simple that would cause this?

If i were you i would start with the catyletic converter ,it'll start cold,start for a minute then stall, start back up but wont drive ,idle, but not drive ,check it out.

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How long can you leave a Ford Fiesta 1.1 1996 on a drive without starting it and Would it start up again after 2 weeks over the cold Christmas Period?

should start up no problem as long as battery is in good condition.

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1999 ford contour will crank but wont start it has power to the coil but no spark to the wires?

The first thing I would check is your crankshaft position sensor

Can your car start with a hole in the engine?

If there is a hole in the engine then something came out or tried to come out. If by chance the engine started and ran again it would run poorly and not for long. I would advise to have a mechanic determine what to do next, don't drive it.

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Why would a 98 ford contour lose power then regain power and even die out and 10 min later start up?

Check your fuel filter.

Why would a 1990 olds 98 lose power while going down the road then die and start up again drive a little more way then die and not start again?

Ignition module, ECM, ignition coil are all resonable suspects. Ignition module, ECM, ignition coil are all resonable suspects.

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Why would car stop running while driving and not start back up?

If you can jump it and get it running again, drive it for a few miles and then it dies again, it is the alternator. Buy a new alternator and it will fix the problem assuming you do not have bad connections "wires" in your charging system "your alternator and your battery".

What would make a ford contour not start after you changed the ignition switch?

You may have activated security system if theft light flashing when key is turned, needs reset.