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More info would be most helpful. Assuming this SUV has a automatic transmission most Chevys of this model have a computer that operates the shifting as well as the engine components. Most any transmission shop can diagnose trans problems from under the hood some charge a small fee. , EzForJesus

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Q: Why would a 1999 Suburban hesitate in reverse but work fine in drive?
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Why would 2002 suburban not start after fuel filter replacement?

Filter installed in reverse.

What would cause a Nissan Altima transmission to hesitate when putting it into drive or reverse?

I was told by my mechanic that the transmission hesitating after putting it in drive after reversing is a sign of the transmisison dying. ---------- Check transmission fluid. When the fluid is low there is not enough in the torque converter, so when you go to reverse or drive you have to rev the engine before it moves to compensate for less fluid in the torque converter.

Can you swap drive shaft 06 silverado to a one piece?

You would need a drive shaft from a suburban

Why would a car stall in drive but not in reverse?

Because reverse is a lower ratio gear than drive and puts less load on the engine.

Why would a 2000 Toyota Camry hesitate when going into reverse?

Since it takes more preasure to apply the reverse band, the pump probably has low preasure caused by worn bushings requiring a rebuild.

Why would your 1995 Buick run in park neutral and drive in reverse but stall when put in drive?

* cause it needs to be put in drive to go forward

What is another word for hesitate?

Another word for hesitate would bewaitbe uncertain

Why would a 2004 Ford Freestar jerk when you drive in reverse?

I would check and see if you have a transmission or PCM problem.

Why would a car not go in drive or reverse when it has been off for a while?

Check your transmission fluid.

Hesitate in a sentence?

Example sentence - He would hesitate a moment before answering the question.

Is 2003 surburban one wheel drive?

no a 2003 suburban is not one wheeled drive, if it was you would drive in circles all day. so if someone told you that it was... tell them to go check their blinker fluid.

Why would a 1994 Ford Probe drive fine in reverse but barely move in drive?

One possibility is brake(s) locking up.

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