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If she has blood in her stool she needs to go to the doctor. There are several reasons to why she is not getting her period. She should go to see her doctor as soon as possible! Good luck and God Bless:)

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Is Jim Jones blood?

Jim Jones has never been a Blood, Jim Jones has never been in a gang period.

What is this blood 3 days after your period and this has never happened to you before?

If you are experiencing blood three days after your period and it has never happened before, contact your doctor. Several conditions can cause bleeding.

What can it mean when you begin ur period with brownish stains it had never happend to me before and we never use protection in intercourselately I've been feeling tiredheadaches and back pain thanks?

Sometimes periods do begin with brown blood. If your period was normal flow for you then it means nothing except that it started with old blood. If your period was very light or spotting then you need to perform a pregnancy test in 2-3 weeks.

Early period for 2 days and then brown discharge?

You probably had period blood and diahhoriea. Never heard of an ear;y period

If you never had pinkish brown spotting before and you had it for 3 days then it turned into a period kindof thing what is that?

Brown blood is old blood and sometimes your period will start with brown to get the left over blood from last time out.

You never bleed outside your period but then you have brown bloody spotting and cramps the day after sex.Then you get your period on time is it still your period or could it be blood from pregnancy?

potentially but usually if your pregnant you dont have your period because it is saving it for the baby

Why do I only have brown discharge and no period?

That happend to me on my first i guessed it was just dry blood in my discharge

Is a period that is 2 days early even though it has never been late or early a sign of pregnancy?

If your period was very short and light as well as early there is a possibility that it was an implantation bleed. If your period was normal except that it was 2 days early then it was probably just an early period.

What are some What are facts about blood?

Drinking human blood induces vomiting. Except for vampires. Blood is never blue! Deoxygenated blood is light red and oxygenated blood is dark red. Thousands of pints of blood donated to the Red Cross during Katrina were wasted. You can buy pig blood at your local super market or butcher.

Can blood pregnancy tests be wrong?

No. Yes, if the test is taken before the first day of your period. Blood tests are only accurate 7-12 days after ovulation. For some woman that may mean that the test may not be accurate till the day of their expected period. Once that day has come then blood tests are almost never wrong. You say no but then you say almost never so what is it can it happen or not??

When was Mormon Murders?

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Is it bad to smoke marijuana while on your period?

i never had a problem with smoking marijuana on my helped me feel better. My blood flow was normal and the length was normal. so in my experience it doesnt matter.

How do you get pregnant if you have never got periods?

I'm not sure you can. The baby needs blood from your uterus to survive and when there isn't a baby the blood gets discarded (that's your period). So if you've never gotten your period, that doesn't mean you don't have blood in your uterus that would help the baby survive...I'd ask your doctor or go to and go to the "Am I Normal?" section and ask health professionals there. Good Luck!

Is davie from blood on the dance floor bi?

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What are the origins of fornication under consent of king?

The whole thing is a recent urban legend. Except for a brief period in the 1650s fornication has never been a crime in England.

Can you get pregnate if you never had a period?

Yes, you are able to get pregnant even if you have never had a period. This is because ovulation can occur without a period occurring.

Is it uncommon to not have your period?

yes, its very very uncommon! its like 1 in a million or friends mom doesnt have her period and never has, but shes also never had kids. i happen to know that not having your period ever can mean that you cant have children, because your uterus doesnt collect blood to hold a baby inside. sorry! : (

What site do you never draw BLOOD from an infant and why?

you never draw BLOOD from an infant from the baby

Does your period stop bleeding in water?

No because the water wash it away, most people believe this is so, because they have not seen blood. But I'm a master degree doctor. The water never stops moving. Your ministration never stops flowing until your ministration period is over.

You are about 8 months pregnant and bleeding after sex like period blood you didnt take serious till you woke up this morning and there is still like period blood Im nervous and 18 and have never had?

You need to see the doctor. And you are not supposed to bleed after sex and absolutely not as much as when you get your period. Stay away from sex and see your doctor ASAP.

What disease or disorder would cause kicking in stomach after getting light period for 5 months and test negative?

It is most likely gas... but there is a disorder where a woman can have every sign of being pregnant except be pregnant.... If I were you I would go get a blood test that will put your mind at ease, some pregnant woman never get a positive on their urine tests. A blood test will let you know beyond a doubt.

What does it mean if you haven't had your period for two months?

you will never have your period.

Can you get period pains if you have never had your period?

No, but you could get "cramps" if you've already gotten your period

Is blood ever blue?

No, blood is never blue.

Missed period period like cramping very light spotting Neg home pregnancy test Under no stress ATM what could be wrong you have never skipped your period?

I have the same things and I have pcos. Possibly you are having implantation bleeding. Get a blood test done.