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Why would a 2000 Ford Expedition die intermittently when turning or stopping?

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βˆ™ 2006-12-28 22:00:14

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If your expedition is a 4wd have the front CV joints checked. The 4WD models have auto 4WD that sometimes lock into position and don't unlock ~ even when you don't 4WD. This have very negative effects on the front wheels when turning (especially at lower speeds on 4WD high).

2006-12-28 22:00:14
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Q: Why would a 2000 Ford Expedition die intermittently when turning or stopping?
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Why would an 2004 Expedition with 52000 miles suddenly intermittently have trouble turning over when starting?

Dead battery if it is having trouble turning over or the starter motor is going out. Check the battery cables and ground straps at both ends for corossion

Why would the ABS light come on intermittently in your 1999 Ford Expedition?

Wheel speed sensors, or your ABS Sensor on rear axle housing if so equipped

Why do your brakes make a zing noise and freeze up when stopping or turning slowly?

That would probably sicking calipers or warped rotors or both

1997 ford expedition Noise coming from rear when turning?

without more information i would say it sounds like the wheel bearing.

Why would the expedition 2001 intermittently die without warning and then blow black horrible smelling smoke out the exhaust until it cools and then it runs fine for awhile?

Auto Zone will check your computer codes for FREE... And go from there.

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Will 33inch tires fit under a stock 1999 ford expedition?

yes i have a 99 and a 01 expedition both stock with 33x12.5x17 on them the only problem is you got to watch turning i put 3/8 spacers in the front so they would not rub on the inside

What would cause a metal to metal grinding sound near the front end of a 2001 expedition?

A bad wheel bearing also when turning it sounds worst or straight driving

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There is no 95 Expedition. The first year was '97.

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There is no 1995 ford Expedition!

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