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Why would a 2001 Lincoln Town Car trunk not latch?

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Sorry this won't sound very technical, but on my 97 have had to do this a couple times...all I did was flick the closing apperatis on the latch on trunk lid and then it closed. I think it got bumped and desended into itself.

2009-01-12 00:02:50
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2001 Dodge Stratus trunk won't latch shut How do I temporarily defuse the deck light until my trunk is fixed?

Unplug the wires going to the trunk latch.

How do you repair the trunk latch on a 2001 Jetta?

Why does your driver's door lock in your 2001 integra open the trunk?

your trunk latch may be stuck in the open position. The latch pushes to the left to open, try pushing it to the right and see if it pops into place.

How do you jump a Lincoln ls 2001?

battery is in the trunk with the spare wheel...

2001 Kia Rio does it have a latch to open the trunk from inside?

Yes it does. I drive a 2001 Kia Rio and I have opened it from the inside before. lol

What fuse is the fuel pump relay in Lincoln ls 2001?

In trunk oo7

Where is the trunk fuse box located Lincoln ls 2001?

the trunk fuse box is located next to where the spare tire is

How do you repair the air suspension for a 2001 Lincoln?

theres a reset button in your trunk. try that.

Where is the car battery located on a 2001 Lincoln ls?

In the trunk beside the spare tire

Where is the fuse box in a 2001 Lincoln ls?

under the hood and one in the trunk...the one in the trunk has the fuses for your auxiliary plugs, cigarette lighter

Were is the fuel pump switch for a 2001 Lincoln town car?

It's mounted on a bracket in the trunk near the drivers side trunk hinge

Where is the factory keypad entry code located on a 2001 Lincoln Continental?

usually on the trunk hinge

How do youReplace the battery on a 2001 Lincoln ls?

it's easy. it's in the trunk by spare tire.

Where is the trunk button located inside a 2001 Pontiac Sunfire?

it "should" be to the right side and bellow steering wheel .if it is equipped with one.maybe check at trunk latch first to determine the car has this"option" In my 2001 Sunfire, it is on the left side bellow the steering wheel.

Where is the fuel pump reset on a 2001 Lincoln town car?

On a 2001 Lincoln Town Car : The fuel pump shut off switch ( inertia switch , with the reset button on top of the switch ) is located in the trunk . It is mounted on a bracket by the drivers side trunk lid hinge

The trunk button don't work of a 2001 infiniti i-30?

Check inside the trunk itself. There is a latch on the locking mechanism itself; sometimes it is accidentally switched and when it is in a certain position, it will not unlock unless you do so manually.

Where is the battery in a 2001 Volvo s80?

I have a 1999 s80. The battery is in the trunk for that year. I would check the trunk.

2001 Chevy Malibu trunk won't close?

Make sure there is nothing blocking the hinges or trunk lid supports. Try spraying some WD-40, PB Blaster, or even Pam (or any cooking spray) on the latch located on the end of the trunk lid. Make sure that the latch isn't rusted closed, or frozen. A good shot of grease is the best for this application.

2001 New Beetle Trunk- will not lock- just sits there-latch isn't locking-any ideas before I start dismantling?

maybe the latch is in the locked position try using your key to unlock it

Where is the battery on 2001 Lincoln LS v8?

It is located in the trunk below the spare tire cover on the right side, I believe..

Why won't the light on my trunk release latch go off and my convertible top wont operate even though the trunk is closed tight in my 2001 Mercedes clk 320?

probably a bad sensor, just take it to the dealer to have it checked

How do you install 2001 impala trunk light?

how do you install trunk light on 2001 impala

How do you fix the trunk release button in the cabin on 2001 Lincoln ls?

Read your manual. There is a switch in the glove box to disable the trunk release button on the dash. you lock the glove box with the regular key. When you give someone the valet key they can not get in the trunk.

Why does your trunk ajar light stay on in 2001 Lincoln ls?

rubber cover fell off and sensor stays open... most likely

What number is the trunk fuse on a 2001 Lincoln ls?

On a 2001 Lincoln LS : In the rear power distribution box ( which is " live " ) located by the battery and spare tire : Mini-fuse ( # 1 ) is a 15 amp fuse for the decklid release solenoid according to the Owner Guide