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Why would a 92 Dodge Colt E100 not start after sitting for five months?


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2008-08-25 00:36:25
2008-08-25 00:36:25

Check to see if your getting fuel at the Multi Point Injection Intake disconnect the Fuel line and then turn the ignition on and see if your getting fuel coming out of that line. If not then you have a fuel pump problem. I discovered with my 92 Dodge Colt that after it sat at my mechanics place for seven months and I finally got it back cause he never fixed it, the fuel pump doesnt work now and the tank got drained empty so I suspect the pump got corroded or rusty because of the tank being empty. You have to see if it is getting fire and fuel and has compression. The gas is porbably bad and neeeds replaced.


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I had a 92 dodge i/s ton that sat for a long time.... mice had packed muffler and exhaust system right full of stuff..... had to remove and replace with new before truck would run

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Could use some more info such as year and model of car and how many months it has been sitting. There would also be a different approach if the car is carburated or fuel injected, points or electronic ignition.

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Your local Dodge dealer would be a good place to start...

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