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Why would a 94 Honda hesitate in park neutral and drive when the engine warms up?


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2011-09-13 17:14:58
2011-09-13 17:14:58

What do you mean hesitate in park and neutral? I think of hesitation as something that happens when you take off in drive. Usually higher grade fuel will fix that. I'm not sure what you mean. Email me if you want to.

The automatic transmission in a Honda is very close tolerance .When the engine warms up the transmission does as well;the fluid thins and the tolerances in the unit expand.This happens when the transmission needs rebuilding.I think this is what youre question is asking about. check the trans fluid it should be redish pink and not have a punjent burnt smell if it does the unit will have to be rebuilt or replaced with a used unit The average cost of a rebuild around 1500. The issue with used is if youre mechanic installs a used unit as requested and the replacement unit is faulty you end up paying for the labor to replace twice.most salvage yards will not reimburse for labor on faulty units. Also make sure the technician flushes the transmission cooler;this part has residual contaminated fluid in it; I have witnessed many trans rebuilds go wrong from not doing this.

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put it in neutral and shift it to two wheel drive

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because in park or neutral the engine is free revving and when put in gear the engine is now turning internal transmission componets which puts a load on the engine

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AnswerIt's not really good for it...But make sure the transmission is in neutral and check the Transmission fluid to make sure it's full.It is essential that the shifit into neutral is immediatly preceded by placing the transmission into "Drive".Shifting from Park-to-Reverse-to-Neutral DOES NOT place the hydraulic switching to a towable configuration.Shifting from Drive to Neutral does.Put the ignition switch to "Accessories" position to free the steering wheel lock.Honda recommends starting the engine every 200 miles of towing and shift to Drive for a minute and then back to Neutral.

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that depends. what kind of honda? what year? and are you wanting to race it or just drive it?

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