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What do you mean hesitate in park and neutral? I think of hesitation as something that happens when you take off in drive. Usually higher grade fuel will fix that. I'm not sure what you mean. email me if you want to.

The automatic transmission in a Honda is very close tolerance .When the engine warms up the transmission does as well;the fluid thins and the tolerances in the unit expand.This happens when the transmission needs rebuilding.I think this is what youre question is asking about. check the trans fluid it should be redish pink and not have a punjent burnt smell if it does the unit will have to be rebuilt or replaced with a used unit The average cost of a rebuild around 1500. The issue with used is if youre mechanic installs a used unit as requested and the replacement unit is faulty you end up paying for the labor to replace twice.most salvage yards will not reimburse for labor on faulty units. Also make sure the technician flushes the transmission cooler;this part has residual contaminated fluid in it; I have witnessed many trans rebuilds go wrong from not doing this.

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Q: Why would a 94 Honda hesitate in park neutral and drive when the engine warms up?
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How do you take a 1997 Honda Passport out of 4 wheel drive?

put it in neutral and shift it to two wheel drive

Why does the RPM needle go down when you put the 1997 Honda Civic in drive or reverse?

because in park or neutral the engine is free revving and when put in gear the engine is now turning internal transmission componets which puts a load on the engine

93 HONDA PRELUDE with a 2 3 vtech engine in it while it is in park or neutral it revs over 3000rpm repeatativly but does not do that in drive What is the issue?

sounds like a vacume leak to me

Can you tow a 2000 Honda Accord with all four wheels down?

AnswerIt's not really good for it...But make sure the transmission is in neutral and check the Transmission fluid to make sure it's full.It is essential that the shifit into neutral is immediatly preceded by placing the transmission into "Drive".Shifting from Park-to-Reverse-to-Neutral DOES NOT place the hydraulic switching to a towable configuration.Shifting from Drive to Neutral does.Put the ignition switch to "Accessories" position to free the steering wheel lock.Honda recommends starting the engine every 200 miles of towing and shift to Drive for a minute and then back to Neutral.

What is the best Honda engine to put in an old Honda?

that depends. what kind of honda? what year? and are you wanting to race it or just drive it?

Should an automatic roll in drive when engine is not running?

Yes, but don't tow it in drive or neutral, it will damage the transmission

Is it safe to drive with a p1298 engine code light on a Honda civic ex?

no it is not

List of 5 cars that are front engine rear wheel drive and front engine wheel drive?

Honda s2000 chevrolet corvette morgar +4

Where would neutral shift be important in power system?

Neutral disconnects the rotating engine from the drive shaft, useful when the car is standing still.

Is the Honda prelude rear wheel drive?

prelude's depending on spec can most deffinately be awd/4wd.. 100% 4ws,for best results go to a Honda search engine/site & you can read all about body/engine type / drive train / capacity.. even why & how the Honda prelude range was made.

Why would an 89 Honda Civic accelerate by itself when the engine is in drive?

The accelerator linkage is binding.

Can you drive for a day with your Honda Civic engine malfunction light on if it's steady not flashing?

yes it is not

Can a 1995 Honda Passport 4X4 be flat towed?

remove both front and rear driveshafts or if your 4x4 shifter has a neutral position put the transfer case in neutral and transmission in neutral and it should be fine if no neutral is presant in the 4x4 selection remove drive shafts.

Why does your 98 blazer jump into 4 wheel drive sometimes when you are backing up the control is on the dash it is push button 4 wheel drive where do you unplug it so it want be 4 wheel drive anymore?

i accidentally hit the button sometimes and dont know it til i am going. a few times i have gotten into 4low because i hit the button and as i was switching to drive, i passed neutral and it jumped. my 95 you had to hesitate on neutral.

What causes a 97 Honda Accord to drive and then act like it is in neutral?

your shift solenoid a is stuck open in your tranny time for a gagage visit

Does a 1992 Honda Accord have a timing chain or timing belt?

this engine has a belt drive timing system

What does a neutral switch do in cars?

it is attached to the transmission and allows the engine to be started when the gear lever is in 'park' or 'neutral', but prevents the engine from being started in 'reverse' or 'drive'. on some cars the driver must also put their foot on the brake pedal before the engine can be started.

Would you be able to put the engine and gearbox from an all wheel drive civic into a 1994 Honda civic?


Is a 1987 Honda Accord LXI four door automatic rear wheel drive or front wheel drive?

A 1987 Honda Accord LXI 4 door automatic Is Front wheel Driver the Engine should be in sideways if so it is front wheel drive

What is the cause of the green neutral not coming on 1989 Honda 300 2 wheel drive quad runner?

what is the problem with a honda 300 fourtrax 2 wheel drive quad that the green nuetral light will not come on so you can't start the quad by using the starting switch

Is the 2012 Honda Civic front wheel drive rear wheel drive or four wheel drive?

The 2012 Honda Civic has front wheel drive.The 2012 Honda Accord has front wheel drive.

Why does your Chevy 350 idle good in park but not in drive?

In park, the transmission is in neutral: very little "load" on the engine. In drive, the engine is loaded somewhat by being in gear. Therefore, any engine performance issues will be exaggerated. Of coarse, engine performance issues could mean just about anything!

Will a V8 engine fit a standard 1992 Honda Accord EX car?

A V8 engine can not fit in a 1992 Honda Accord without heavy modification. The car will have to be hacked in several ways to allow room for the engine and drive-train along with a cage to reinforce the chassis.

Is 1996 Honda Civic a front wheel drive or rear wheel drive?

A Honda Civic is front wheel drive

How do you correctly operate 4x4 in 2001 jeep cheorkee larado?

turn on the engine, shift into neutral, engage the 4x4, shift into drive.