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Hey Mike==If your car has A/C when it is exceptionally humid outside, it is common for the vents to blow some vapor. It is generally more visible when the sun is shining inside the car. Nothing wrong. GoodluckJoe

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โˆ™ 2004-07-16 09:53:37
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Q: Why would a 95 Ford Taurus blow a mist through the inside vents?
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Why would fumes come through your vents in a 1997 Ford Taurus?

High pressure coolant is blowing out through a small hole in your heater core, it will need to be repaired or replaced. If it is warm out it might be AC refrigerant leaking.

Why would air only blow out the floor vents and the two outside dash vents not out the center dash vents or the defroster no matter what setting the Heat and air controls are on in a 2003 Ford Taurus?

some thing is probley cloging the vents take it appart and ckeck.

Would a cracked blocked cause a car to bubble antifreeze inside the over flow in a 97 Ford Taurus?

would a cracked blocked cause a car to bubble antifreeze inside the reservoir of a 97 ford taurus ?

Why would coolant leak through the vents in your jeep wrangler?

Leaking heater core

Why would the vents in your 1999 Suburban blow air through the defroster but not through the dash?

thats because your blower went out

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Why would a 2002 Taurus only blow air out of the dash vents and is there a way to fix it without taking off the dash?

well when mine did it was a vacum line but the dash did have to come off

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Nope. Money is a problem in this, because money falls through Libra like sand, and Taurus would get very mad about this.

What would cause a humming sound when car heater is turned on high?

The motor which blows air through the vents.

Why would the ac and heater blow air through the defroster or the dashboard vents but not through the floor vents.?

It should blow through the floor vents. Modern vehicles generally use movable baffles in there HVAC systems, to direct air flow where the controls indicate. If the controls allow airflow to the floor, but nothing flows out, there is a malfunction between the control switch and the actuator that directs the flow.

What would cause low air blow through vents if nothing is clogged and blower is good?

Check the cabin filter if applicable.

Why would air only blow out the floor vents and the two outside dash vents not out the center dash vents?

The flap that directs sir to the selected vents is jammed or broken...or the switch that controls it is.

What would cause power windows and driver side power mirror to stop working on a 2000 Ford Taurus?

There is a break in the wiring as it passes through the door or the side by the footwell as it enters the inside of the car. Do a close inspection of the bundles of wires...

Can drain vents on roof get clogged?

Yes, but usually not. Birds nest or beehive inside or over top of vent pipe for example would clog vent.

Are the 1997 Ford Taurus fuse box the same as 2003?

I was looking at the fuse diagrams in the Ford Taurus owners manuals for the 1997 model and the 2003 model , they are both rectangular in shape but inside they are totally different ( so the answer would be no )

Can you keep a hog inside through the winter?

If you would like to

Why would you be getting an anti-freeze odor through the the ac vents of a 2005 gmc envoy?

Leaking heater core. Replace it.

Why would your car smell like gas inside when you turn on the heater or draw air through the vents?

You might have a gas leak in your front engine compartment. The heater pull in air from the front and therefore if you got a gas leak it will pull the smell in get it check asap.

What would the problem be if all of the ac blows through the defroster vents not through any of the dash or lower vents and how do you fix it?

It sounds like there is a vacuum leak. Check under the dash for any small hoses not attached and then look under the hood for any. The hoses should be small and grey or black.

Why would the heater core warm up but not blow any warm air through the vents or defroster in a 1999 Mercury Mountaineer?

The mixing door isn't working. Take it to the garage as it porbably is the controler. First make sure there is vacuum getting inside the cab from the engine.

Why would the air conditioner only blow cold air on the floor but not through the vents?

Vents are uaually operated by vacuum. Chances are, you have a vacuum leak at the directional valve or at the back of the air controller itself. All of these are in or under the dash. Good luck.

Why would your 93 Nissan maxima have gas fumes coming through the vents particularly when it freezes?

nevermind, got it fixed. It was a corroded fuel line.

What would cause air to only blow from the defrost and floor vents and not blow out of the panel vents even when the switches are turned to the panel vents in a 2002 Ford Explorer?

Any of the following can cause this......... 1. Bad a/c - heater controller.. 2. Bad a/c - heater controller inside door operation.. 3. Bad, broken or cracked vacuum line/lines..

Why would a 1987 300zx blow sweet smelling steam through the vents and dash?

Sounds like your heater core has a leak and the sweet smell is your coolant.

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