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Why would a 95 Honda Accord automatic not change gears by itself and have to be driven like a manual?

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vacuum leak,loose wire in harness to transmission shift module,linkage needs to be adjusted Answer: It doesn't have linkage, it has a cable. It is not shifted by a vacuum modulator, so a vacuum leak isn't the problem either. The transmission control computer is located under the front passenger floorboard inside the car, and it probably doesn't have a loose wire. Start with the basics. Check the fluid level. Check the color, looking for brown or black burnt-smelling fluid. Run a jumper wire on the two-pin connector located behind the glove box. Turn the key on but do not start, count the number of times the "D" indicator flashes on the instrument cluster. Look for long blinks followed by shorter ones. Post the number of each and I'll get a more detailed answer.

2009-08-26 14:35:35
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