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That's a complicated question. Each priest is unique and handles each individual's case differently. Ask your local priest.

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Does a Catholic need an annulment if he was married by a Baptist minister to a Baptist woman and they later divorced?

If you were not married in the Catholic Church, this marriage was not recognized and therefore not necessary for an annulment.

Does a divorced Baptist woman need an annulment to marry a Catholic in the Catholic Church?

No. An annulment in the Catholic Church only annuls a marriage performed in a Catholic Church.

Does a divorced Baptist man need an annulment to marry a Catholic in the Catholic Church?

A divorced Baptist male may or may not need an annulment of his prior marriage from the Catholic Church in order to marry a Catholic in the Catholic Church. Although Baptists are able to re-marry after divorce, Catholics may divorce but may not re-marry unless the sacrament of the first marriage has been declared null. If the divorced Baptist did not have a valid Christian marriage (that is, one spouse was not a validly baptized Christian, or the ceremony was not Christian, then the annulment process is much simpler - but any prior marrriages still need to be declared null). If the first marriage was a valid Christian ceremony, then the couple desiring a marriage in the Catholic church will have to go through the 'formal' annulment process which takes considerably longer and is very thorough but very worthwhile if you love this person. The Catholic person cannot enter into a valid marriage unless this is done.

Can a divorced baptist marry a Catholic in a Catholic Church?

The Baptist would need to have the previous marriage annulled before the Catholic marriage can occur, they should speak to the priest at the Catholic Church who will look into the matter. If the Baptist's original marriage was valid, an annulment would not be possible and therefore a second marriage, in or out of the Catholic Church, would not be possible.

Can a divorced man become a Baptist Pastor?

A minister can be divorced and be remarried but it will be examined in his interviews. Baptist churches are autonomous and can make their own decisions about how their church is run. Many Baptist churches will not let a person who is married a second time be a deacon of the church. A deacon is a lay person.

Can a Catholic marry a divorced baptist woman in a Catholic church?

Assuming the catholic is a man, it is possible. The answer largely depends upon whether or not the previous marriage of the Baptist woman is considered sacramental and thus undissolvable. Catholics believe that the marriage of any two baptized Christians is sacramental, even if one or both of them are not Catholic. It is entirely possible that the Baptist woman in this situation may not have had the previous marriage be sacramental. Marriage must be done with full consent and not with any outside pressures. The previous marriage of the Episcopalian man may still indeed be intact. This is why the process of granting an 'annulment' exists. An annulment simply is a statement that a previous marriage never actually happened. In order to grant an annulment, the Church investigates the facts of the Baptist woman's previous engagement: was it done with full will and consent, without outside pressures? If so, the marriage is still in tact and the Baptist woman has a duty to her husband to live their sacrament of marriage despite how difficult or trying it may be (even if having to live separately). Such hardships may indeed be a particular kind of cross that the woman and her husband have to bear. If not, the annulment releases the Baptist woman to essentially be able to "re-marry" (or in reality, marry for the first time). Thus, the Catholic man is now able to marry the woman freely in an indissolvable fashion. I urge you to talk with your pastor about this particular situation. Annulment processes that involve non-Catholics are sometimes quickly decided.

Is Chuck Beickel the Pastor of Faith Baptist Church in Layton Utah a divorced pastor?

yes he is!

Is bishop david evans divorced?

Yes, Bishop David Evans is divorced. Bishop David Evans is the senior Pastor and Bethany Baptist Church in Voorhees, New Jersey.

Can you remarry after divorce in a Baptist church?

In most baptist churches people can remarry after being divorced. Each church is governed by its congregation and can make this decision themselves but it is usually not a problem. The only divorce question I have known about in the baptist church is becoming a deacon.

Can you become a deacon in the freewill baptist church if you divorce your spouse?

Under current Free Will Baptist doctrine and teachings relevant to Deacons which is referenced to 1st Timothy 3:11-12, the candidate for Deacon cannot be divorced.

Did John Huffman and Trustees at Faith Baptist Church in Layton Utah condone a divorced preacher leading the Church?

no, the members of Faith Baptist Church agreed on what the Bible says and made a choice. I was told there was a 97% vote to choose their Pastor staying.

Can a Baptist deacon remarry after divorce?

Yes, generally speaking, anyone can remarry, HOWEVER, in some Baptists churches, deacons and other staff members cannot be divorced, so if a deacon gets divorced, he may no longer qualify to be a deacon.

Can a single baptist preacher be wed to a divorced woman?

Yes you can wed. The essence of Christianity is acceptance. But the paramount thing is that love most be existing between the couple.

What is the difference between first baptist and southern baptist?

The title 'First Baptist' is assigned to the literal 'first' baptist church established in the area. Southern Baptist is a denomination. There are many Baptist denominations. As such a Southern Baptist church CAN be called "First Baptist" if they were the first Baptist church in the town. However, the First Baptist Church in the denomination could be a different Baptist denomination.

What is the proper adjective for Baptist?

Baptist is the proper adjective for Baptist.

Why was John the Baptist put in jail by herod?

John was imprisoned because he criticized Herod Antipas for unrighteous behavior, particulary in ragerd to his marriage to Herodias, who was the divorced ex-wife of Herod's half brother Herod Phillip. At the time it was considered adultery to marry a divorced woman.

When did bishop david g evans divorce?

There is no listed information on when Bishop David G Evans was divorced, only confirmation that he was divorced. He keeps his personal life private. Bishop David G. Evans is the Senior Pastor at Bethany Baptist Church in Lindenwold, New Jersey.

How do you spell Baptist?


What is the difference between freewill baptist and baptist?

baptist believe once saved always saved where as freewill baptist do not believe this. I am freewill baptist i hope this answer helps you :)

What is the difference between southern baptist and independent baptist?

"Southern Baptist" is a denomination or convention of Baptist churches. Baptist churches who choose to fellowship as members of the Southern Baptist Convention, would describe themselves as Southern Baptist.A Baptist church that chooses to describe itself as "Independent Baptist" chooses not to consider itself as a formal member of a Baptist denomination. However, they may choose to "fellowship with" or "associate with" a denomination, association, or convention of Baptist churches.

Beliefs of First Baptist churches?

1st Baptist churches are not a separate denomination they are the first Baptist church that was established in a certain town or city. Most 1st Baptist churches are southern Baptist (although outside of the south this is not always true). As Southern Baptist churches most 1st Baptist church believe in the basic tenants of the Southern Baptist Convention as laid out in the Baptist Faith and Message.

What is a southern Baptist?

If you read "The Baptist Faith and Message", this would answer the question of what a Southern Baptist is.

What is a Baptist?

A Baptist is a person who belongs to the Baptist Church. Being a Baptist implies that you have certain things in common with other Baptists, such as how you approach worship.

Is Miley Cyrus Catholic or Baptist?


Is Harry styles a Baptist?

yes he is a baptist