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There are two reasons any engine would lose oil. First, it could be leaking from a seal (oil pan, oil pump, valve cover, etc...) and would look like a dark oily patch (suprise!). Second, it could be burnt up in the combustion chamber. This happens when the piston rings get worn down or misaligned and provides an inadequate seal between the crank case and combustion chamber. You can spot this when you start the car or under hard acceleration and see blue smoke coming out of the exhaust. Both are equally likely, if you see a spot on the ground where you park your car, it's a bad seal and the seal should be replaced. If you see blueish smoke, it is a bad piston rings and the engine needs to be rebuilt or replaced (might be cheaper to replace if it's a Honda). The other alternative is to keep adding oil, JUST MAKE SURE YOU DON'T RUN DRY AS IT WILL FRY YOUR ENGINE.

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Q: Why would a Honda Accord be losing oil?
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