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Why would a car's steering start vibrating at speeds over 70 MPH?

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Have the tires checked for being round. You can balance a square block but it won't roll smoothly.

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Why would the steering of your 1997 F150 take sudden turns at high speeds and feel mushy at all speeds?

Check for worn steering or suspension parts i.e. Idler arm, Pitman Arm, Tie rod ends, Ball joints, etc.

What causes a car to shake at higher speeds?

== == As the car speeds up the unbalanced wheels start to wobble. The force of the wobble is transferred to the cars body through the steering mechanism. You would feel the shaking first in the steering wheel. It becomes more pronounced as you pick up speed. == == * Front end need's religning, bad tires or tie-rods. * Tires are low in air.

What attention does our '90 Lumina APV need when there is considerable play in the steering wheel at slow speeds and excessive vibration at high speeds?

Your issues could be caused by numerous things associated with the front steering on your vehicle. It is best to have it inspected by a mechanic. A tire shop would be the cheapest and would be able to fix any problems.

What causes a shaky steering wheel at high speeds?

Probably wheel balance but I would also check out the front end suspension and steering components. A radial tire could have a separated belt also.

Would a vibrating proton produce an electromagnetic wave?

A vibrating proton IS an electromagnetic wave. The E.M. wavelength is a measurment of how fast the proton is vibrating.

What would cause bouncing at high speeds on a semi truck?

Bad mount on the steers, worn/loose/damaged steering components, axles out of alignment.

What would cause your car to make squeaking sound when you turn the wheel while parked or in very low speeds?

Loose or worn out power steering drive belt. Usually this is a loose or worn belt on the power steering pump. The pump works its hardest when the vehicle is parked or at low speeds so if there is a belt issue, it will happen then.

What would cause car to make a high squeaking noise whenever you have the wheel turned slightly but only at speeds slower then 40mph?

It is most likely due to a loose power steering belt. If the steering wheel is hard to turn at speeds slower than 40mph or it gets harder the more you turn it and the squeaking noise happens when you turn the wheel, then you need to check the tension on the power steering belt.

How do you fix power steering for pontiac g6?

Figuring out what the cause of the problem is would be the place to start.

Why would your water heater make a vibrating sound?

It is possible , if it is electric , that the elements have a calcium build up and they are vibrating because of that.

I have a 2001 Toyota Camry 4 cylinder. What would make the steering wheel stick while turning.?

There are multiple reasons. One of them is a bad power steering pump. Then, steering system. But it's better to start from joins.

What happens when power steering goes out?

The car has to be turned manually by your own force. This makes turning on hills far more difficult at higher speeds. While the steering wheel would normally turn with ease. You will find it now requires a fair amount of effort.

What would cause aGroaning noise when turning at low speeds in a grand prix?

Check the level of the power steering fluid. A low level or no level of fluid will cause the groaning noise.

What would it be when your car shacks only when you hit a pot hole but stops when you slow down or speeds up?

You probably have some loose/worn joints in the steering linkage. Have it checked soon.

What are the different reasons why the steering wheel of a 2006 Jeep Wrangler would shake and this shaking would get progressively worse at higher speeds?

if your car shakes while driving and gets worse at higher speeds usually means the tires need to be balanced and if tire damage (cupping) has already started your gonna have to replace the bad tires

Will it hurt for a vibrating balls to go in your vagina?

Well, that would rather much depend on the size of the vibrating balls and your pain threshold, wouldn't it?

When my riviera is ideling or stopped it makes a loud vibrating sound but while driving it doesn't what could it be?

first thought would be motor mounts or trans mount do you feel anything?also could be water pump or steering pump

Why is the power steering fluid leaking in a 2000 Malibu ls?

The power steering fluid is leaking because somewhere in the power steering system there is a leak. It is possible one of the seals on the steering rack has worn out. That would be a good place to start. It could also be coming from a leaky seal on the power steering pump or from one of the lines.

What would make your car wobble feeling like a flat tire at low speeds?

broken belt in a tire. if you feel it in the steering wheel it usually a front tire or a rear if you can feel it in the seat

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