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Why would a car go in reverse and not forward?


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2005-11-19 17:26:55
2005-11-19 17:26:55

Most likely your transmission needs replaced.


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truck will only go forward not in reverse does this mean the transmission is gone

What would cause the 1995 Nissan Pathfinder not to go in forward or reverse?

no it will cause u 2 go > slowly >=forward

Sounds like it is not really in reverse-check trans to see what gear it's really in.

The rear of the car will always go in the direction that you turned the wheel if you are in reverse. It's just like driving forward. If you want to go forward and right, turn the wheel to the right. If you are in reverse and want the rear of the car to move to the right, then turn the wheel to the right. To answer your question directly, the rear of the car will go to the right.

Probably damaged or worn clutches in the transmission. If it's making strange noises when you try to go, it could also be the differential.

When a Mercedes C280 will not move in forward or reverse it is an indication that the transmission is going out or has already gone out in the car. This is true of all cars, not just a Mercedes.

If you have an automatic transmission, it probably has a forward clutch/band problem.

Do you mean the shifter or car physically does not move? BClear.

I had my 00 eclipse gt automatic do this. took it to mr transmition and they cleared codes that popped up and it stopped. if i drove forward for a while and warmed the car up, then reverse would work. hope this helps.

has a full charge won't go forward or reverse

why reverse wont go in on 2004 town car

this is a typical problem with berettas, for some reason the bands in the transmission will not hold out after several miles are on the car, have the bands tightened or replaced, and you wont have any more problems

I got VW sharan 2007 Auto Diesel cannot drive in Reverse while car cold after driveing hlf a Mile forward it fineplease help its been like this over a year

Burnt forward clutches/ The forward cluth pack is stuck/welded together.... You need a overhaul...!

A 97 Saturn that stays in forward gears could be one of two problems. Either the electronic transmission controls are stuck in forward, or the internal bands in the transmission have welded themselves together.

If this is an automatic transmission, more than likely the transmission is on it's way to the junkyard. Usually failing transmissions lose reverse first, then the higher forward gears - last will be the lowest forward gears.

because xavier is in the way so they cant go forward!!!!

Bad reverse clutch in the tranny

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