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Why would a car idle rev up and down?


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2006-04-11 10:00:40
2006-04-11 10:00:40

try changing your TPS (throttle positioning sensor) its located on the intake area (look where the throttle cable hooks to the engine) Possibility of a fuel pressure regulator problem. Also a faulty Idle Air Control motor (IAC) could cause the problem. ask a local repair facility for assistance. I had that problem with my grand prix. Replaced everything I could think of. turned out to be that the computer needed to be reset. possibly a vacuum leak...check hoses, you may need to replace you intake maniflod gasket


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idle airflow metre or pipe may have come off carb check both

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Check the Idle Air Control. It might have carbon deposits and need cleaning. Also do the same for the throttle body intake. It might also need cleaning.

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A vacuum leak or a dirty or defective Idle Air Control Valve will cause an unstable idle. jd

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