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try changing your TPS (throttle positioning sensor) its located on the intake area (look where the throttle cable hooks to the engine) Possibility of a fuel pressure regulator problem. Also a faulty Idle Air Control motor (IAC) could cause the problem. ask a local repair facility for assistance. I had that problem with my grand prix. Replaced everything I could think of. turned out to be that the computer needed to be reset. possibly a vacuum leak...check hoses, you may need to replace you intake maniflod gasket

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โˆ™ 2006-04-11 10:00:40
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Q: Why would a car idle rev up and down?
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What would cause a car rev up and down by itself?

idle airflow metre or pipe may have come off carb check both

Why would a 1997 grand am gt idle rev up and down?

A vacuum leak can cause that.

Why would a 93 Honda Civic idle up and down after you rev the car up?

Check the Idle Air Control. It might have carbon deposits and need cleaning. Also do the same for the throttle body intake. It might also need cleaning.

When my 94 town car is in park if you shoot a rev to the motor it will rev up then drop down below idle speed almost stall or stall but will restart again?

ID-ten-T error.

Why would your 1995 Chevrolet Monte Carlo idle real fast and then real slow rev up and slow down?

A vacuum leak or a dirty or defective Idle Air Control Valve will cause an unstable idle. jd

Why would a 1992 Chevy astro cs rev irratically in idle?

vacuum leak, bad idle control sensor

Why would a 1996 sebring stall and rev up in idle?

intake gasket is leaking

Should you rev up your car continuously while starting?

no, you should let it idle and warm up a little bit.

How do you check BMW drive by wire?

Sit in the car in neutral, rev the car to 2000 revs then apply the break firmly whilst still holding the car at 2000 revs. If the idle drops back down then the car is drive by wire... so ive been told anyway! :)

Why would your 1995 Chevy Monte Carlo idle real fast and then real slow rev up and slow down?

change the TPS sensor, (throttle position sensor).

Why would a car stall when you put it in park?

What car is it? what year? is it a diesel or petrol? could be you r base idle?? but need know more info..... does it stall in drive with foot on brake? does it rev high?my car is a 07 Chevrolet Colorado,standar

What would make the rpm needle rev up and down in 1990 Honda civic while the car is in PARK and running?


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