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It is posable to have bad ball joints. Get it checked IMMIDIATLY!

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Q: Why would a car lose steering control when going over small bumps on the highway?
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Why does the steering wheel shake when going over small bumps?

it shakes to the right or left

What could cause a loud thud noise when turning steering wheel left and right and when going over bumps?

could be control arm bushings gone bad

The signs of a Bad steering gearbox?

Clunking/knocking sound felt though steering wheel and floor when turning and going over bumps at low speeds.

What causes rattling in the front passenger side of a car especially when going over bumps and not when on the highway or at high speeds?

Possably the struts!!!!

How do I fix a Porsche Boxster horn that honks going over bumps?

Replace the Airbag/horn bracket in the steering wheel, rubber bushings are worn out,

What is a steering wheel?

A steering wheel is the wheel that is in front of the driver of a car. It is held in the hands and is used to turn the wheels to control the direction of the car is going.

Where to ckeck power steering on 2009 Toyota corolla?

The new Electric power steering is on the shaft of the steering wheel. Many folks have problems with the steering going out of control. If you're one please report it to the saftercars dot gov

What all can cause a 1997 jeep wrangler to shake violently while driving at high speeds when going over small road transitions or bumps?

Loose/worn steering components. Especially the steering stabilizer shock and the trac bar.

What would cause car to sqeak when going over bumps and tuning steering wheel?

Any bushing, if its worn or old enough, causes suspension squeaking at low speeds and when going over bumps. The typical cause of squeaking noises when turning the steering wheel is low power steering fluid. The power steering fluid reservoir should be checked and the fluid topped off if it is low. Fill your reservoir with manufacturer-specified fluid (or have your oil-change service station do it). With a very low fluid level, the whining sound will be accompanied by a difficulty in turning the wheel.

What causes a clicking sound when turning steering and the same sound when going over bumps on a laguna 1.9 2002?

sounds to me like a really bad c.v joint or joints

Signs that your ball joint is going bad?

Eratic steering, uneven tyre wear, a distinct knockng sound over bumps. If you jack the front up and move the suspension/ steering by hand, you may see sloppy movement in the ball joints

Will a car spin out of control when going 65 and the tie rod breaks?

You would lose all steering control, so it could spin or go anywhere.

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