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The most common reason would be bad spark plugs or wires. i hope this helps you. Mark

Vacuum leak is more probable.

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Q: Why would a car shake and run rough?
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Does bad gas make your car run rough or shake?

It sure can. In some cases your car will not run at all. Normally bad gas just means it is contaminated with moisture. A tiny amount of moisture and your engine will miss and run rough.

What would a car run like with a vacuum leake?

Will idle rough and run rough at a steady speed, but run faily well under acceleration.

Why does my 92 sonoma run rough between 50 and 55 mph only?

Need more info. Does just the engine run rough or does the steering shake or does the whole vehicle shake betwen 50 and 55 mph?

Why would a car run rough after hitting a curb?

You may have a bent rim or damaged the tire.

Why would the car run rough and stall then not restart and you can smell coolant?

Possibly the Head Gasket is blown.

Can a bad distributor cause a car to shake?

the distributor controlls the spark, if the spark is advanced, too much, or retarded too much, yeah. it will shake, or not even run. the distributor doesnt usually go out, out of the blue.. if you took the cap off to check gap, or clean it, then put it on, and it is rough, yeah.. that may be it. but if it is out of the blue, running rough, you may want to check it for cracks, (cracks make gaps even hairline and the gaps make it run rough) you should also check the vacuum lines for cracks, and bad connections. the vacuum leaks will mess with the advancement of timing, and can also make it run rough. but to answer the question, yes. a bad distributor can make the car shake.

How do you know if your car's ECU is broken?

the car will run rough, and the check engine light will be on. and depending on the car, it could possibly not run at all

What causes a car to idle good and run rough when you give it gas?

What causes a car to idle good and run rough when you give it gas?

Why does your car run rough when put in drive?

it may be the mapsensor makin it run rough like that.. or either u need to adjust the throttle

Will a bad fuel cap cause your car to run rough or die?

A bad fuel cap can make your check engine light go on. It shouldn't cause your car to run rough or die.

What is wrong if the car starts to shimmey and feels like its going to stall?

A bad spark plug or spark plug wire will cause your car to run rough. A dirty air filter will also cause your car to run rough.

Why would the whole car shake when going 60 to 70 MPH?

Hey Nadine==It could very well be a miss in the engine. A good tune up with a compression check may find the answer. An out of round tire can balance good but run rough on the road. Goodluckjoe

What would make a 1997 Hyundai Elantra shake and run rough when going in reverse?

Check your spark plugs or have your transmission checked. Could be a clutch problem if it's manual.

Why does your car start run rough then stall?

Check fuel and spark

Can you still drive your car with a bad catalytic converter?

no it will run rough and stall out

Why does my 93 Lincoln Town Car run rough only when cold before the motor is wormed up?

It is possible for a 1993 Lincoln Town Car to run rough when it is cold because the choke is in the on position. This is normal on some cars.

Could a broken cam shaft cause a car to run rough?

Not likely. A broken Camshaft would cause a car to not run at all, unless maybe it had 2 camshafts, then it might barely run and run loudly then quit. The most common reason for an engine to run roughly is neglect; too little maintenance or tune-ups, broken hoses, wires or sensors, dirty air filter or dirty fuel. .. lets not forget .. an engine jumping time.. if it will still run it would run rather rough

Why would a 1998 ford escort run rough or not start after fueling?

the only reason a car will run rough or not start after refueling is either the wrong type of fuel has been put in[i.e diesel into a petrol or visa versa]or the fuel put in is contaminated.

Why does my lumina Run rough smell gas after starting?

after start car smell gas why?

What could cause your car to idol high and run rough?

A vacuum leak can cause that.

What do old spark plugs do to a car?

Old spark plugs can make a car misfire, run rough, and not fire at all.

If the transmission is in need of service will it cause the car to idle and run rough at low rpms yet run smooth at high rpms?


Would the oxygen sensor or EGR valve make a 1997 Chevy Astro van run rough and backfire?

yes i could make it run rough. not getting the right air fuel mixture will cause a car to run badly.also check the timing to see if it is off.may need to replace timing belt or chain and gears.

Why would your car why would a car run?

It runs because that is what it is supposed to do.

Why would a 2008 Ford Focus riding a little rough at about 70mph but not 60 or 80?

Your wheel balance is out, under 70 it is OK then it starts to make the the car run rough at 70 then you ride out of the balance at 80+. Get your wheels tracked and balanced