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These are all wrong, its the fuel pickup in the fuel tank that is on the left side of the tank. The tube runs dry. Fill your tank all the way and you can take sharp right turns all day and it will not stall out.Thanks

It Sounds like it has a corrupted moral sensor on the right side.

Now that I have been informed that this is a real question, I'll give my opinion: The "SEVERE DUTY" Crown Vics such as yours came with 2 different 4.6 motors. So this may not matter in your case. However, the original motor mounts were subject to heat damage from extended idling. There are revised motor mounts with heat shield to prevent this from happening. Should yours have been weakened, and the engine shifts too far when making a right turn only, it may be extending a harness too far, or stressing out a connection that will make a positive contact once the centrifical force of the turn is relieved, it could stall the motor. Therefore, check your motor mounts and jack up the right side of the motor around the mount area, but not directly on it. With the motor running while your doing this you can observe any abnormal movement. If this is the problem I would repolace all motor mounts as other weaken when one goes bad. I do sincerly apologize for offending you, but the thought of a former patrol car killing, did kind of remind me of "Christine."

Try replacing your IAC motor (AKA: idle air control valve). This worked on my car, and the part usually runs from $20-$80. Usually simple to install, just plug it in!

We were having the same problem with our 1983 Nissan (or more correctly Datsun in those days). The culprit turned out to be a loose connection at the positive battery terminal (not the terminal itself, but the multi-spade connector that's piggy-backed to it). It would slide off under the centrifugal force caused in the turn and diconnect power to either the fuel pump or the ingnition. Since the starter and switch are powererd by the main battery cable, the engine would still turn over and you'd still get dash lights, but the car wouldn't restart. I cleaned the contacts in the connector, added a few wire-ties to keep it secure and we were back in business.

Hope that helps.

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Q: Why would a car sometimes die when making a right turn?
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