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A dirty air filter will cause a lost of power, also a clogged fuel filter will - Yes there are timing marks - but they are on the injector pump & usally don't change unless the hold down is lose. A good injector cleaner is a good idea to use when you fill-up.

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Q: Why would a diesel car lose power and is there any timing adjustment on diesel cars?
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Why would a car sqeal and choke while starting it?

Sounds like the timing is out of adjustment, perhaps timing chain has jumped

What dodge engines don't having timing belts or chains?

The only engine used in a Dodge vehicle that does not have a timing chain or belt would be the Cummins diesel. The Cummins diesel uses timing gears.

Why would an Audi a4 1.9 turbo diesel lose power?

Head gasket failure, timing belt slipped a notch, turbo shot, loss of compression.

Does the cummins 6.7L turbo diesel have a timing belt?

no, the 5.9l and the 6.7l cummins turbo diesel engines uses a series of timing gears not a chain or belt. reasoning for this is the power impulse and torque created would stretch the chains or belts over time. The gears last much longer. All truck hd truck engines use timing gears.

Does a 2001 jeep grand Cherokee have a timing belt?

4.0L I6-NO 4.7L V8-NO 3.1L Diesel-NO 2.7L Diesel-NO It would have a chain.

Why would a zx2 stall when stopped?

May need timing adjustment and/or, but less likely, air filter replacement.

What is the name of the adjustment knob that moves the body tube for focusing with the high-power objective lens?

I assume you would use the fine adjustment knob for high power objectives.

What would show signs of melting and erosion on the crown edge of all of the pistons on a diesel engine?

advanced timing

How do you set injection timing on a 7.8 Isuzu diesel engine?

Need the year model.... It's like asking what's the valve adjustment for an isuzu.....Every engine has different spec's and procedures for the timing. If i knew the year model i could answer the question cause it would take 40 pages to explain all the procedures for every model year.

What would cause a F350 engine radiator to overhead when the thermostat is new and the water pump is ok?

you looked at it Timing out of adjustment can cause overheating.

Why would a dodge diesel lose all its oil from the front end?

Front main seal or timing cover leak.

Why would 1992 Mitsubishi galant pulsate when idling?

tps out of adjustment. Must be adjusted using a voltmeter. Basic idle set screw ( BISS) out of adjustment. Ignition timing incorrect. vacuum leak. good luck

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