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A dirty air filter will cause a lost of power, also a clogged fuel filter will - Yes there are timing marks - but they are on the injector pump & usally don't change unless the hold down is lose. A good injector cleaner is a good idea to use when you fill-up.

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Q: Why would a diesel car lose power and is there any timing adjustment on diesel cars?
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Why would a car sqeal and choke while starting it?

Sounds like the timing is out of adjustment, perhaps timing chain has jumped

What dodge engines don't having timing belts or chains?

The only engine used in a Dodge vehicle that does not have a timing chain or belt would be the Cummins diesel. The Cummins diesel uses timing gears.

Why would an Audi a4 1.9 turbo diesel lose power?

Head gasket failure, timing belt slipped a notch, turbo shot, loss of compression.

Does the cummins 6.7L turbo diesel have a timing belt?

no, the 5.9l and the 6.7l cummins turbo diesel engines uses a series of timing gears not a chain or belt. reasoning for this is the power impulse and torque created would stretch the chains or belts over time. The gears last much longer. All truck hd truck engines use timing gears.

Does a 2001 jeep grand Cherokee have a timing belt?

4.0L I6-NO 4.7L V8-NO 3.1L Diesel-NO 2.7L Diesel-NO It would have a chain.

Why would a zx2 stall when stopped?

May need timing adjustment and/or, but less likely, air filter replacement.

How do you set injection timing on a 7.8 Isuzu diesel engine?

Need the year model.... It's like asking what's the valve adjustment for an isuzu.....Every engine has different spec's and procedures for the timing. If i knew the year model i could answer the question cause it would take 40 pages to explain all the procedures for every model year.

What would show signs of melting and erosion on the crown edge of all of the pistons on a diesel engine?

advanced timing

What would cause a F350 engine radiator to overhead when the thermostat is new and the water pump is ok?

you looked at it Timing out of adjustment can cause overheating.

How do i adjust timing on a 1999 gmc Denali 5.7 vortec?

The 5.7 Vortex engine lets the onboard computer time the engine. Initial timing is accomplished when the timing chain or the distributor is installed. Both the timing chain and the distributor have an index mark for the initial adjustment. The computer does the rest. To activate the computer adjustment one would have to disconnect the battery for a few minutes, I do it for approx. 10 minutes, however it can be done in less time.

Why would a dodge diesel lose all its oil from the front end?

Front main seal or timing cover leak.

Why would 1992 Mitsubishi galant pulsate when idling?

tps out of adjustment. Must be adjusted using a voltmeter. Basic idle set screw ( BISS) out of adjustment. Ignition timing incorrect. vacuum leak. good luck

What would make my 1976 Toyota Land Cruiser hard to start but run fine?

Carb needs adjustment? Accelerator pump needs replacement? Choke needs adjustment? If you have a diesel you might want to check the glow plugs.

What would cause a 1998 dodge diesel to lose horsepower?

If you have run this vehicle within the proper design parameters, you may simply need a diesel fuel system cleaner. If you have run red diesel, you will definitely need fuel system cleaner. If you have turned up the engine, it could be injector pump wear. If this engine has high miles, it probably needs a valve adjustment. My bet lies with the fuel system. Try "Power Service" Diesel fuel supplement.

Where can I buy a diesel power generator?

I think you can buy a diesel generator at any of the places that you buy a gas one. Why do you prefer diesel over gas. Diesel would be harder to start in winter cause diesel fuel tends to gel when cold out.

How do you adjust time on cadillac DTS 2003 model?

Was it "timing"? If so- a slight adjustment to the TPS would change it a little in responce time for spark advance

What would cause black smoke on acceleration in a Mazda 6 diesel?

Fouled, damaged injectors or incorrect timing on fuel injector pump

What mileage would you change the cam belt on a Mitsubishi l200 diesel?

Generally speaking, timing belts should be serviced at 90,000 miles.

What place has the best sales on diesel generators?

It would be beneficial if you have a back-up diesel generator to use when power outrages usually occur in your place. You can find an efficient diesel generators at

Why does your 1976 350 Chevy engine back fire through the carburetor at start up?

Possible: Timing is off, or carb is out of adjustment. I would have the timing checked. Timing might be off right at the crank and cam. Chain drive. It can slip or just have too much slack, depends on mileage.

Why would you not be able to set the timing correctly on a 1988 Toyota pickup 22RE engine?

Worn timing chain Incorrect oil pump (timing tab) The harmonic balancer has broken free on its rubber mount (twisted) The throttle positioner is out of adjustment. refer to tech manual for proper adjustment The terminals t to e1 have not been connected in the data link connector located beside fuse box by battery The distributor has not been installed correctly

Is there a difference between petrol and diesel car batteries?

a battery for diesel will have more power.a petrol battery for say a ford van would have Cold Cranking Amps: 420Capacity: 45 AhThe battery for the same van but diesel would be Cold Cranking Amps: 450Capacity: 55 Ahor about 30% more power

Why your vortec 5.3 shakes in low rpm?

If a Vortec engine shakes or rumbles at low RPMs it likely needs a timing adjustment. It would also simply need a tuneup.

Would a faulty battery cause a diesel to stall while driving?

No it cannot unless alternator is not charging the only power a diesel requires is for fuel cutoff solenoid

What adjustment knob is use with high power in the microscope?

The fine adjustment knob is used with the power objective on the microscope. Since the objective is already at the highest objective possible for that microscope, using the coarse adjustment knob would focus to much on the object making the details harder to read. Using the fine adjustment knob, you are able to see the fine details within the object or organism you are studying. The higher the power, the finer the knob and the lower the objective, the coarser the knob and objective.