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fuses are made of tin-lead, like solder. they melt when they are heated up to melting point by the energy of the excessive current. Assuming the bus voltage is still 14V from your voltage regulator, the only other thing that could jack up the current is a decrease in circuit resistance where the current is going. so your "Fuel" circuit is at a lower resistance than it should be. This is a normal wear and tear condition for a pump motor or a relay coil to get into over a long period of time. whatever is the primary load downstream of that fuse will need to be replaced. (not a switch or the contact path of a relay, that is not the load, just a gating device) A load is a coil, a motor winding, a heater element, a light filament, something that consumes electrical energy in the form of heat, light, mechanical energy, or the like. The load has degraded insulation resistance and is passing that extra current to ground, or it has degraded series impedance, and has lost its efficiency converting electricity to work, and so now it draws more (a bit too much) to get the job done. Ohm's Law.

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Q: Why would a fuel fuse keep going?
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Why would your 95 jetta keep blowing the fuse when you plug it in to keep warm?

There's a short in your main line going to your fuel heater.

What would keep the fuel pump relay from working the fuel pump?

check fuel pump fuse..

Why does fuel pump fuse keep blowing in your 1992 Chevy Blazer?

My first thought is that the fuel pump is going bad and is drawing too many amps, second would be a wire grounding against metal.

Would a battery going bad cause a fuse to keep blowing out?

not usually!!if fuse is blowing out check for short!!

What would cause a fuel pump fuse to keep blowing up?

it has a short somewhere in the electrical line

Is there any other fuses that would keep the 2000 Chevy Tahoe from starting after replacing fuel pump?

Defective fuel pump fuse or fuel pump relay.

Why would the fuel fuse keep blowing when we replaced the fuel pump on a 91 S10 pickup 4.3 liter?

The wire may be shorted to the frame.

Why would the fuel pump fuse on a 1998 Plymouth Neon keep blowing?

Short in wiring, relay or pump? internal problem in fuel pump.

What causes an ECM fuse to keep blowing on a 1987 Chevy Blazer?

The fuel pump is shorting out and that is why the ecm fuse is blowing .Disconnect the the fuel pump and try it again,if the fuse blow's again then it is not the fuel pump.

Why Fuel pump fuse keep blowing everytime you change?

Short in the wiring or a bad fuel pump.

Is there a hidden fuse for a 1994 Chevy Cavalier that will keep the fuel pump from turning on when you crank the engine?

I had a 1994 Chevy Cavalier 2.2L with the same problem. There is no hidden fuse for it just the main fuse in the fuse panel & a relay under the hood on the passenger side. It's been my experience that when this happens it is usually the fuel pump relay or your ECC. in my case it was the relay. I would have the relay checked first...... and also check for broken wires going to the relay.

What fuse do you take out so you can't start it?

Pull the ECM fuse or the injector fuse , or you can pull the fuel pump relay out of it .... all will keep it from starting

Why would the fuel pump fuse keep blowing on a 1986 Chevy S-10 2.8 V6?

You have a bad fuel pump or the wiring to the pump is shorted to ground somewhere.

Why does fuel pump fuse keep blowing?

Check to insure that you are replacing the fuse with the same fuse size and type (fast blow fuses don't substitute for slow blow.) If this is ok the either the pump relay or the pump is going bad and drawing too much power for the fuse to handle.

What should you do if your '87 Nissan will not keep running unless you spray starter fluid into the carb?

I would repair the fuel problem-like a bad fuel pump-or bad relay-or blown fuse-or BLOCKED FUEL FILTER-or out of fuel-or bad fuel-

Why does 96 Tahoe keep blowing ecm-b fuse?

Fuel pump

Is there a fuse that may keep the motor from starting?

Yes answer: It's going to the fuse under the hood that runs your fuel pump. I think it was 18. But I'm not sure. Also you may want to try a new cps if it just turns over and will not crank.

Why does your 2000 Nissan Maxima ignition fuse blow out?

why does fuses keep going out

Why would a 93 Toyota pickup keep blowing the fuel pump fuse?

There is probably a short somewhere. I would suggest you check all the wires check fro fraying, any exposure. if all is good there are you using the right fuse? Put A higher rated fuse to see if it still blows

Why would a 1997 Chevy Silverado keep blowing the fuel relay fuse under the hood after a dealership replaced the fuel pump?

Well it should NOT. It sounds like someone either nicked the control wires to the fuel pump and it is gettng grounded - thereby blowing the fuse or there is something wrong with the fuel pump. So take it BACK to the dealer and let them fix it!!!!

Why does the 20 amp fuse for the starter-fuel keep blowing on your 2002 sebring convertible?

It is very common for the starter to be the cause of that fuse blowing.

Why would the fuel pump fuse keep burning out on 1985 Nissan 300zx non-turbo after running well for a few seconds then die?

One reason could be the fuel pump relay isn't working properly.The second could be the fuel pump isn't pumping enough gas thus causing the fuse to blow.

Why does the 15 amp fuel pump fuse keep blowing on 2002 LS?

you need 30 pus

What two things do fires need to keep going?

Fuel and oxygen

What is Internet fuel?

Well fuel is used to keep something going, and people use the internet, so internet fuel is what keeps the internet going. Answer: people, if they use the internet they are giving it fuel to continue to operate.