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Why would all 3 brake lights fail on a 2000 Ranger?

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2004-11-22 18:08:01
2004-11-22 18:08:01

Could B just a Fuse.OR a Brakelight Switch OR if that's not it the Brake lights run through the steering column 2 the Turn signal Harness. thanks, i finally found it. i feel stupid for not realizing that fuse 13 was missing. that and fuse 9 are both for the brake light switch. also, without that fuse in, the cruise control didnt work because of the unfinished circuit. thanks for the help.

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If you mean the brake lights are stuck on, then check the stoplight switch located on the top of the brake pedal.

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If the brake lights do not work on Chevy Venture van 2000, try to disconnect the brake switch. Then short the two contacts of the connector to check if the brake lights are now working.

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check the fuse, brake lights have their own, & check the brake switch at the top of the brake pedal

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