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Check the bulb if it is burned out replace it with a 194 The marker light and the signal light in front of the Jeep are designed to flash seperately why I have no idea as for it staying on in the dash board check the switch and also too check to see if you have the proper bulb in the socket as that could cause a problem . also check for loss of ground to the front or rear bulbs...i.e. corrosion

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โˆ™ 2006-06-21 23:12:41
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Q: Why would an 89 turn signal indicator stay on in the instrument cluster but the marker light be off outside of the car and blink opposite of each other when the signal is on?
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vdo is an outside company that Mercedes commissions to make most of its instrument clusters.

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Check the fuse for the instruments if not check th bulbs behind the instrument cluster

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More then likey the bulbs need to be replaced.each indicator has its own bulb. The bulbs are cheap $0.83 cents each. I bought mine from a internet supplier in Arizona: The Benz service manual says that in order to remove the instrument cluster you must first deactivate the airbag system to protect yourself in case the air bag deployed accidentally. I leave it to you to find out how. First move steering column completely out of the way. Out and down all the way.To replace bulbs you need to remove the instrument cluster wich is very simple. Simply pull out by inserting two small hooks, one on each end of instrument cluster and pull until the hole cluster is out.Then proceed to inspect light bulbs by twisting the off one at a time until you find the faulty ones. Replace as needed.

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Does the van crank for a moment then shut off? If so this is something I just fixed on my van. It seems it was a short in the instrument cluster, it tells the van that it was stolen and does not allow the computer to come on. I was able to bumb mine right on top of the cluster and sometimes it would come up. All I did to fix it was replace the instrument cluster with one from a junk yard. Been working great ever since and this must be a common problem as I've read much about it on the net. I replace the cluster myself and it was not very hard, all I used was a Phillips screw driver and a bit of patience. Sure hope this helps.