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Why would an engine lose most of its acceleration power after about 15 minutes of driving?


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2008-12-02 10:55:26
2008-12-02 10:55:26

I had the internal ceramic grid in the catalytic converter disintegrate into small pieces and go into the muffler. It would drive about five miles and then the check engine light would come on and loose power. It was a bear to diagnose.


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Is the engine running ? no

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need more info. does it shut down while driving? shut down on decelleration? acceleration? does it sputter or is it like the key was shut off? is there a loss of power before it happens? does it restart right away or do you have to wait , and if so, how long? is the yellow "check engine" light on: Does it stall every ten minutes until it's fully warmed up?

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One cannot "Calculate the accelaration of a car by its engine power in cc" and hence derive the "force applied by it" because, depending on the configuration of the engine varying amounts of horsepower (ie engine power) can be obtained from the same size engine. One would have to have a known amount of "engine power" to apply the "F=ME" formula and from there calculate the acceleration possibilities.

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you are introducing more gas to the engine, which gives it more fuel to burn, resulting in more power. and engines have a certain rpm that they run best at. each engine has its own sweet spot in rpm.

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