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Why would car have misfire rough idle after overheating?

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many cars todayhave aluminum heads and cast iron blocks these different metals heat and cool at different rates if you have overheated you may have warped the head or cracked the block

2006-10-30 19:20:15
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Q: Why would car have misfire rough idle after overheating?
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Will a intake gasket leak cause misfire and rough idle?

yes it can

What is causing my 1997 Chevy cavlier to idle rough. Why did scanner say cylinders 1 and 3 miss firing?

Well...the misfire on 1 and 3 would explain the rough idle. The misfire could be from worn plugs, wires, bad coil, or bad injectors.

Why does your 90 Acura Integra idle rough?

Check idle adjustment (rpm) then check timing, then check for misfire-start there.

Does bad spark plugs give you low idle?

Doubtful. Bad spark plugs would give you a rough idle, hesitation and poor performance. And they may also give you a P0300 code for random misfire.

What are causes for rough idle misfire when stopped changed wires plus gas filter rotor and cap?

Run a compression test.

What are signs of bad valves in your car?

Check engine light is on with a misfire code, rough idle, lack of power, low compression.

What causes a Park Avenue to run rough or misfire and stall at redlights?

Check the Park Avenue EGR valve for a clog. A clogged valve can cause a rough idle and stall at a light.

What does a vacuum leak do to a 1998 Plymouth neon espresso?

High idle, misfire, check engine light,High idle, misfire, check engine light,

Your 1999 Chevy Astrovan has intermittent rough idle and misfire at take off?

I would tune it up, Plugs and wires, Factory AC Delco Cap and Rotor And change the fuel filter.

Can the throttle position sensor stop working make car misfire?

Misfire is usually caused by faulty wires or spark plugs or both. Throttle position sensor failure generally causes poor response to the throttle. That is poor acceleration, slow to return to idle and rough idle.

Why rough idle or possible misfire?

My car did the same thing So I hooked it up to a computer come to find out it was 2 oxygen sensors that went bad.

How do you know if you have a misfire?

My idle was running rough and slight loss of power (5 cylinder engine). The power loss is more noticeable on cars with less cylinders.

Why does your engine misfire on idle?

if its only on idle it sounds like a bad injector

Why would a 1998 dodge stratus idle rough?


Why would my 2004 Mustang GT develope a rough idle?

I have a 2004 gt that has also developed a rough idle also and can't find the problem.... I wish you had the answer....

What happens when you drive with a bad fuel injector?

When you drive with a bad fuel injector, your engine will often misfire. You might also have a rough idle and increased fuel consumption.

What would cause your 1990 300zx idle rough?

my 1990 300zx is idling rough what could cause this?

How to fix a rough idle Nissan?

why does my vr commodore idle rough when at complete stop

Why does your 2001 Kia Sportage idle rough?

Why does my 2001 kia sportage idle rough?

Rough idle smell of gas ford windstar?

rough idle smell gas

What make the car to idle rough you changed the plugs?

When the idle goes rough, you must idle the plugs. Else the car plugs roughly.

Why does a PT Cruiser idle rough?

With mine, the rough idle was fixed by changing the spark plug wires.

How does car act if bad fuel injector?

There are numerous different signs of a bad fuel injector. The most common signs are reduced gas mileage, a rough idle, and an engine misfire.

What would cause a 1995 Ford Aerostar to idle rough?

the radiotor or the cams

Why would a grand prix idle rough?

A Grand Prix can idle rough for many reasons. The timing may be off, the fuel filter may be clogged, or it may need a tune up.