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Why would cold air come from the vents in the dash when the AC is turned on?


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2004-05-27 10:39:56
2004-05-27 10:39:56

Hey Brad==That is where it is suppoaed to come from. Incidentally, what kind of car do you have?? Goodluck, Joe


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the middle vents only supply air from the ac unit using a separate in dash fan. the floor and defrost vents come only from the heater

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I am sorry, I am not technical on this stuff, but we had the same problem on our 95 Mustang GT. We had to take it into the dealer and the problem was that one of the hoses had come loose, so it was not blowing enough air pressure to force the vents open.

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There are heater doors on the heat blower box that direct the path of the heat. Apparently the heater door to the floor vents is stuck closed.

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I just had that problem with my 99 Monte Carlo. When I accelerated or went uphill No air would come out of the dash vents. Problem was a Vacuum hose. Cost about $40 to fix.

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