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Hey Brad==That is where it is suppoaed to come from. Incidentally, what kind of car do you have?? Goodluck, Joe

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Q: Why would cold air come from the vents in the dash when the AC is turned on?
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Why do you get hot air at floor and defroster vents but only cold air at the dash vents vents in a 1995 chevyvan 20?

the middle vents only supply air from the ac unit using a separate in dash fan. the floor and defrost vents come only from the heater

What is causing the air to come through the defroster vents and not the AC vents in a 1995 Ford Mustang GT when the AC or vent knob is turned on?

I am sorry, I am not technical on this stuff, but we had the same problem on our 95 Mustang GT. We had to take it into the dealer and the problem was that one of the hoses had come loose, so it was not blowing enough air pressure to force the vents open.

What would cause heat not to come out of vents when set to floor and vents?

There are heater doors on the heat blower box that direct the path of the heat. Apparently the heater door to the floor vents is stuck closed.

Why would air not come out of some vents on a 99 Monte Carlo.?

I just had that problem with my 99 Monte Carlo. When I accelerated or went uphill No air would come out of the dash vents. Problem was a Vacuum hose. Cost about $40 to fix.

Why would a mobile homes central electric heat system blow cold out from one side while blowing hot air at the same time from the other vents?

A duct has come apart under the home?

CAN Gnats come out of dirty air vents?

Yes, gnats can come out of dirty air vents. Gnats can actually come from anywhere. They are very pesky creatures.

Why would smoke come out of AC vents?

If that smoke is more like steam, you have a leaky heater core.

What would cause a burning rubber smell to come from the vents of your 91 Chevy Cavalier?

Bad heater core.

What would cause steam smoke to come out air vents in 03 pt cruiser?

The heater core has failed.

Why does hot water come from the cold faucet and then change to cold?

Because hot water is still in the pipes from when you turned on the hot water, and when you turned on the cold faucet it had to let out the hot water first. This means you have a single-pipe sink. Double-pipe sinks have a pipe for hot and a pipe for cold and it blends them as it turns on.

What are some new types of heat vents?

There are several different types of heat vents. Vents come in metals such as aluminum, copper, stainless steel, bronze, and brass.

Why does no air come out of the vents?

heater fan broken.

What do cold seeps and hydrothermal vents have in common?

They both come from the ocean floor? That and it probably has to do with both allowing some type of plant or animal life to survive on the ocean floor.

Why does my fan come on the second you start your 07 mini?

It would do that if the AC is turned on.

What would cause water to come in your floor vents?

Could be that your heater core is leaking May also have a plugged evaporator hole.

How do you fix your 1997 Saturn SL when 3 out of 4 vents blow air but one doesn't?

That one is probably turned off. Take a close look at the vent. If that is not the case then the duct to that vent has come off.

On your 1996 240 Nissan heat will not come through all vents inside?

The heater blower may not be working properly. Without the heater blower working, the air will not come through the vents.

How does magma inside a volcano become a lava flow outside?

The magma gushes out and then it flows every where. The volcano has vents that let air come out. When the vents open steam/ smoke comes out of those vents.

Can cold sores come from cold weather?

Cold sores don't come from cold weather.

Why does a fog come out of your car vents when you turn on the air conditioner?

Smoke, Mist or Fog will come out of your A/C vents on hot, humid days. The reason for this normal phenomenom is the cold, dry air coming from your A/C vents is lower than the dewpoint of the interior cabin. Basically what this means is that cold, dry air is mixing with hot, humid air and causing the smoke. This is similar to when you open your freezer door and see the fog coming from the freezer. This is a normal condition and will eventually dissipate once the temperatures in the interior cabin and the A/C vents start to balance out. One way to quickly balance the temperature out is to keep the A/C system on recirculated intake air. Hope this answers your question.

Why does black dust come from the ac vents?

Dirty ductwork and/or filters...

What is the vent of the volcano?

Vents in a volcano are the places where lava and other pyroclastic materials come out. Scientists study vents to learn more about specific volcanoes.

What is wrong when your '95 Buick Regal heater-defogger vent puts out heat on the driver's side and cold air on the passenger side?

Do the Drivers side and Passenger side have separate "Heat/Cold" controls? If "No" then I'm at a lose to explain this one. If "Yes" then it may be that the controls are malfunctioning. It may be that the control switch/rheostat may be malfunctioning and need to be replaced or that the thermistor (the electronic device used to detect the temperature) on one side or the other is malfunctioning. etc. etc........... TommyTrouble I have a 1995 Buick Regal Custom Sedan, and just today I fixed a similar problem with my heater. Hot air would come out the passenger side vents, and cold air would come out the driver side vents and the rear seat vents under the seats. I found the problem was a connection to the electronically controlled ventilation door was not connected. If this is the case, you may want to check those. The heater core will not heat cold air that is moving at 60 miles per hour, which can cause the cabin to become quite cold. ! -Paul Musgrave

Weak spot in the crust where magma has to come to the surface?

Cracks, Faults, and Vents.

Where does the term cold shoulder come from?

When guests would overstay their welcome (I'm not sure what era), the host would give them the toughest piece of meat...the cold shoulder.