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Sounds like maybe wrong parts or damage to the abs while changing pads. Abs ring or sensor, harness damage? Need to take it to a professional to find out where the source of the problem is. The abs sensor can be damaged if metal particles get into it. If the rotors were machined and not cleaned off is one way for metal particles to get there, another is if the pad wore into the rotor.

The ABS system is separate from the mechanical brakes. If the ABS light comes on the system will not be working, although your mechanical brakes will be. It is also possible that if you have not changed/flushed your brake fluid out every 2 years the debris may have accumulated and could have been forced back into the abs control unit damaging it. Figure about $1500.00 for one of these babies.

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Q: Why would front anti-lock disc brakes not work after the pads are replaced?
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Why would front anti lock disc brakes not work after the pads are replaced?

you may have forgotten to plug in the connectors

After replacing the master cylinder on your 1996 Ford Aerostar the warning lights on the dash stay lit what is the problem?

Your brakes need bleeding. And if you have antilock brakes, you should take it to a shop to bleed them. It takes special tools to bleed antilock brakes. If you have regular brakes you can bleed them yourself. Could go into further detail but would take too long to explain. Refer to a repair manual. Note: bleeding antilock brakes without first disconnecting the sensor will damage the sensor and the antilock function will no longer work (learned the hard way, unfortunately).

Where can I get new brakes shoes for my brakes?

The best place to have your brakes replaced at would be Midas they would be able to replace both your brake shoes and even brake calibers if they need replaced.

If my antilock brake system went out on a 1997 F-250 would i still have brakes?

As long as the red " BRAKE " light is not on in your dash you still have " normal " brakes even with the ABS light on

Why would your brakes smoke on a 1996 Dodge Neon after you had the brakes and rotors replaced?

Frozen brake caliper

What would cause a grinding noise after a tire is replaced?

What would cause a grinding noise after a tire is replaced and the brakes are not worn?

How much does it cost to replace brakes on a Honda Pilot?

We just had the brakes replaced on our 2003 Pilot. Cost to replace both sets of pads (front and rear) and rotate rotors was about $500. Cost for 2004 would be similiar.

how much to put brakes on a chryler concord 1998 front and back?

The cost for the front and back brakes would be about $600 dollars.

What would cause a loud grinding noise when brakes are applied even after brakes parts has been replaced?

It is a cause and effect thing. Was the other axle inspected if all the brakes, front and rear, were not replaced? Can you tell where it's coming from at all? Is the noise identical from when before the brakes were replaced? Year, make, model and mileage would help as well. Drum on rear? Don't assume the brakes were done correctly. Believe it or not, I have done a few where someone put the pads in backwards with the backing plate against the rotor. If someone worked on it for you, take it back to them and complain.

Front brakes are dragging replaced pads rotors calipers and lines but brakes still drag what could it be?

It's rare....because usually the master cylinder will allow pressure to bleed off. Not the other way around. But if you have replaced the calipers, this is the next thing I would check. I suppose it could be sticking.

Why would a 2001 buick century brakes vibrate and make noise?

The most likely problem is warped rotors. Have rotors turned or replaced. Replace front brake pads.

Why would there be drub brakes on the front of a 1992 grand marquis?

There wouldn't be.

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