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Why would gas come out of the exhaust pipe?

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Don't want to doubt you, but I'd definitely check to make sure it feels lightly oily or even soak some a few drops into a paper towel and see if it ignited (careful of course). Assume it's not running rough / missing occasional firings, right?

This can also be caused by a defective fuel pressure regulator. (Ford Ranger)

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When you press the gas pedal it makes a weird sound from the exhaust?

When a weird noise comes from the exhaust after stepping on the gas pedal, it could mean that there is a hole in the exhaust pipe. Sometimes the exhaust pipe will rust and need to be replaced.

What would cause a car to whistle when pushing the gas?

potato with in whistle in it, jammed into the exhaust pipe?

What gas emits from an exhaust pipe?

That would depend what is being exhausted from Natural gas/ OIL # 1,2 ,4 or 6 HUH?

Why would exhaust gas come out of your carburetor?

backfire timing off

How do you install an exhaust pipe on to a 36cc gas scooter?

bolt it on the motor

Some cars have their exhaust pipe on the right side while others have it on the left but cars never have the exhaust pipe in the centre Why is this?

because your gas tank is in the center

What would cause gas in the exhaust on a motorcycle?

Exhaust of an engine is a gas.

What leaks from an exhaust pipe and muffler because of the presence of gas?

carbon monoxide

What would cause exhaust to come out the tail and from underneath the car and smells a bit like gas thanks?

If its smells like gas, you are putting too much gas in the engine and some is unburnt and going out the exhaust. Exhaust underneath means there is a leak in the system somewhere. If there is no louder noise or hissing, I would expect the catalytic converter is leaking. Have it checked and get a tune up. answer bad exhaust pipe

What would cause gas to come out of your exhaust?

incorrect engine timing so that it misfires

Why would you be leaking gas out of your exhaust?

Many people make the mistake of thinking when they see moisture or liquid drip from their exhaust pipe that it is gasoline or petrol. It is only condensation (water) from inside the exhaust. There is nothing wrong with the car.

What is the EGR in cars?

Exhaust Gas Recirculation. A small amount of exhaust gas is fed back into the cylinder to lower combustion temperatures and lower tail pipe emissions.

What is a exhaust pipe used for?

An exhaust pipe is used to excrete the co2 from the gas that has been burned in the engine it is usually snakes to thw back or side of the truck so that it is out of the way. If you get a bigger exhaust pipe than the stock one you can usually get some more power from your engine. You can also get an exhaust kit with a switch the can change the amount of exhaust exiting the pipes.

Why would a 1990 Dodge Colt not start when it is getting spark and gas?


What does exhaust means?

Exhaust is an automobiles tail pipe. Emissions are submitted through this pipe into the air. The emissions from the exhaust (tail pipe) is pollution. You can find the exhaust on a vehicle in the rear half of the car sticking out. The exhaust is connected to the engine and the burnt fuel is now in the matter of a gas (emmisions) and it comes out of the exhaust (tail pipe.) The exhaust will be sticking straight out the back, in front of the right rear wheel, or from behind the right rear wheel. Alternatively it can also mean to use up or wear out

Why do flames come out my exhaust when it is idling?

Flames will come from the exhaust when raw gas enters the exhaust then ignites. run computer codes for the engine to look for a problem causing the gas to not burn completely.

What is the egr valve for the Chevrolet s10 pick-up truck?

EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) look for it to be attached to the exhaust manifold or a pipe from the exhaust manifold

You have water coming out of your exhaust on a 1995 mercury cougar?

For some reason the gas is not completely combusting causing water to be expelled in the exhaust pipe.

Exactly what is the purpose of a flex pipe and what are its components and how does it work?

The purpose of the flex pipe is to give the exhaust some flexibility. On front wheel cars since the motor is mounted crosswise, when you give it gas the motor rocks and would over time break the exhaust pipe or even the exhaust manifold. On rear wheel drive cars, the exhaust pipe can twist which gives the needed flex. As far as components, it is just a woven metal sleeve over a piece of pipe that isn't attached to the ends of the flex tube. The outside woven part allows the exhaust to flex.

Does methane gas come from car exhaust?

It shouldn't do

What determines gas cap location when a car is designed?

The opposite side of the exhaust pipe. If its dual exhaust, whatever side works best for manufacturing.

Does cutting down your exhaust pipe save on gas mileage or just make your exhaust sound louder?

no lol its just louder it adds 50 hp what if the twin exhaust is the some size of the single exhaust

To use up or fire out also the pipe from an engine which lets out waste gas steam etc?


Why does your exhaust pipe leak water that smells like gas?

Condensation forms in the exhaust system while it is cooling and as gas fumes pass through the system it bound to smell that way. If large amounts of water come out of the exhaust it may be a sign that there is a blown head gasket, cracked head or block causing water from the cooling system to enter the cylinders.

Is dual pipes better then single?

Depending on if you do the cheap... Kind where only one exhaust pipe is actually being used then nothing... But if you get a legit type of exhaust, a.k.a. FlowMasters, O-flow, Magna exhaust, etc. Then you would have to pipes hooked up to the engine... Which means more exhaust, which can sometimes make it harder for the engine to generate heat which would take up more gas not a lot but it would take up more gas...