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If you have recently added a new goldfish to a bowl, it is possible that the original tenants will see the new fish as an intruder. I had 3 goldfish and they actually taunted the new fish I added to the tank, keeping him at the other end of the tank. Eventually, they ate him. No joke.

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โˆ™ 2007-02-23 15:56:44
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Q: Why would goldfish fight with each other?
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Can sucker fish live with goldfish?

Yes. They will generally not fight or imbalance each other.

Why do goldfish fight?

cause they don't like each other and they `re probably in a tank all by themselves, if they were not the people working there would take the goldfish out and put it in another tank. You should ,too.

How do goldfish kiss each other?

Goldfish to not kiss each other. They may play, or bump into each other, but they do not kiss.

Do Goldfish fight each other?

They probably don't.I have never heard of goldfishes fighting each other. I have 5 goldfishes in my 20 gallon tank and they are living happily together. It is the Betta fishes that fight.

Do goldfish eat each other?

yes the goldfish can eat each other if you put the bigger goldfish with baby goldfish. i own goldfish i had experienced with when i had putted about 1inch goldfish with Adult 12Inch goldfish , and the adult ate it -.-

Why is your one goldfish always near your other goldfish?

It's not uncommon for goldfish to hang around each other in a tank; sometimes they don't bother with each other, and other times they are bumping into each other.

Does a male goldfish get along with a female goldfish?

Well sometimes they can like love each other and have eggs. Sometimes they fight because they never want to be friends and they fight over goldfish food to.Or if they get along well they could be mates. And when a male goldfish bites the female well my one died.

Do baby goldfish eat each other?

Yes, infact, they can. I had a goldfish who ate the other one. So, as I said before, yes goldfish an eat each other.

How do you introduce a new goldfish to an old goldfish?

The best way to introduce a new goldfish to an old goldfish is to just put them in the same tank. These fish will only know each other if they are with each other.

Do goldfish kiss each other?

Umm no I dont think goldfish kiss.

What happens if two female goldfish are in the same tank?

umm it sort of depends they could fight each other or nothing could happen

How can you tell if two goldfish like each other?

The two goldfish will nibble each others tails, they are not fighting.

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