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It could be a dirty throttle body. With the age of the vehicle & the fact that that PCV valve draws its venting vacuum thru here you may need to pull the air intake hose, remove the snap ring holding in the screen, then CAREFULLY the screen. Go to a good parts store & buy some throttle body cleaner & a plastic toothbrush. Hold the throttle open (ENGINE NOT RUNNING) spray the throttle plate & bore thengently clean with plastic brush until all carbonived oily reside is gone. Next you could have a bad idle air control valve if it dies while at idle speed I'm assuming that you,ve checked for vacuum leaks. If it happens only when warm while driving or sitting still, then takes a few minutes b4 it restarts it could be a bad ignition module. Hope this helps.

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โˆ™ 2007-03-14 16:26:03
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Q: Why would my 1995 Pontiac Transport continue to stall out while driving despite my having had egr valve replaced and a tune up done?
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