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burnt fuses

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2007-10-04 20:12:03
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Q: Why would my windshield wipers and power locks stop working on my 1992 Jeep Laredo?
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Safety features in cars?

Safety features in a car include, seat belts, airbags, child proof locks and windshield wipers. Windshield wipers help improve visibility when it is raining.

If you have no power windows or windshield wipers?

i don't have pwer to heater fan wiper, power windows, or power locks, some time when you just turn ignition everything is working soon as you start the engine it will quit

Which fuses in the fuse block of a 1987 Cutlass Supreme controls the rear defogger and windshield wipers and washer?

I have an '87 Cutlass Supreme Broughm and my rear-defog doesnt work either but my wipers are working. My power door locks, left signal light and power seat do not work either. My 4-way hazards do work though. I am hoping that someone can tell me which fuse this might be,

What does the body control module control on a 2000 Chrysler grand voyager?

Wipers, door locks, lights, alarm if equippedWipers, door locks, lights, alarm if equipped

Check engine light Jeep liberty electrical problems?

wipers,headlights,speedometer,door locks,air conditioner,electric mirrors, stopped working

Why is your door locks and power windows not working on a 2004 jeep grand Cherokee Laredo?

A very common problem is to have broken wires in the harness going to the driver side door.

To wire the harnees for your CD player on 1997 Cadillac Catera?

im having troubles with my caddy.the door locks and dome light and tghings of that nature will only work when i turn the windshield wipers on.what could the problem be?

What is CTM?

Central Timer Module, it controls the power locks, wipers, etc..

What is wrong when the master power window and power locks stop working on a 2004 Jeep Laredo and the sunroof still works?

You have a broken wire in the harness that runs to the drivers door. Look near the hinges for the door, the problem will be in that harness.

What would cause all of my windows locks and mirrors to stop working on a 2004 jeep grand Cherokee Laredo?

The 04 is common for a broken wire behind the door panel...usually when it comes out of the door and goes through the hinge area

All the automatic door locks quite working all at once on your 2004 dodge ram 1500 the fuse is ok what else can i check to get the locks working again?

What you probably need to do is to check you battery because i have a dodge 2004 also and my locks did the same thing so i just replaced my battery and the locks started working again.

Does the central timer module control anything about the four wheel drive in a 2001 dodge Dakota?

No, it runs locks, lights, and wipers.

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