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For disc brakes and if you didn't replace the rotors, check that the pads do not ride on ANY area of the rotor that has not been resurfaced. If the noise mostly happens at low speed while _not_ applying brake, and if they are disc brakes, check for bent or misaligned abutment clips and anti-rattle clips.

If you installed them yourself did you use any of that liquid plastic stuff on the BACKS of the pads? It lightly glues them to the calipers preventing vibration.

If they are brand new discs too, they may squeak a bit until the machineing grooves get ground away... a few days driving.

Could be grease or oil on the brake pad. If so, buy some pad cleaner and follow the instructons.

A squeak is a vibration. Vibrations can be eliminated in many cases, but some cars such as the Neon are inherently noisy. All surfaces the come in contact with each other except the pad to rotor surfeace should be thoughly cleaned with a disc, abrasive paper, wire brush or similiar, including any caliper pins. Apply a coating of disc brake caliper grease to all these loactions prior to assy..

Newer brakes are no longer made with asbestos (which was found to cause cancer) so they switched to all sorts of things... but I've noticed that newer brakes are louder and they don't feel as nice when braking. Or they may need a little while to break in. If this continues, then take it back to where you had the brakes done and have them take a look. :)

If you installed them yourself, you need to check to see if your rotors are warped or uneven, this will also make a squealing sound. You may need to have your rotors turned or replaced.


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Q: Why would new brakes still squeak when driving slow speeds 15 mph and under?
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Why do brakes on 2002 kia optima still squeak after replaced and anti squeal goop applied?

did you put high quality brakes on your car if so then it is normal do not worry about it. even if not some brakes just squeak all the time

Why would brakes on a 2003 Ford Focus still squeak at low speeds when both front and back pads and rotors have been replaced?

Either someone left the sound suppressors off or/and didn't spray with the soundproofing.

Roters and brake pads have been replaced a month ago on front of vehicle. Should brakes still be squealing when brakes are applied?

Depends on the kind of pads/rotors you got. It's normal for some compounds to squeak .

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What is Minimum thickness for front brake pads 2002 Camry?

The brake pads have a small metal piece which makes he brake squeak. This means it's time to change your brakes. The longer you let it squeak, the more damage it does to you rotor. Still the rotor can be resurfaced or if needed replaced.

You just replaced the brakes in your car and they still squeak What is the problem?

If you didn't turn the rotors (have them ground to give a smooth, even surface), the uneven rotor face on the new pads may squeal.

When you change brakes and still feel like not have no brakes and the brakes light is on still?

probably have a bad master cylinder.

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Why would the brakes still squeak after installing new brakes and rotors on an 82 Volvo 240?

Hey Ike==Ever since the EPA took away asbestos, this has been a problem. There are greases, shims etc that are designed to help but sometimes they don't. Make sure the person who replaced your pads used what the manufacturer suggested. GoodluckJoe

If a timing belt brakes on a 1995 eclipse 2000 will the valves all get bent?

that all depends on if you were driving down the road or sitting still but no it does not nessessarally mean that

Why do my brakes still squeak on 2002 kia optima after replaced and anti squeal goop applied?

grease needs to be applied behind the rattle clip before rattle clip is put back on..need more info contact

Why would a 2001 ford escort still squeak in idle and some while driving and stop when turning after replacing all belts water pump and pulleys?

check tensioner pulley and idler pulley if equipped.

Why would brakes still squeak after changing pads 2004 jeep liberty?

If you brakes are still squeaking after you change your brake pads in any car, you have a warped rotor. The squeaking is caused by the rotor vibrating when pressure is applied by the pads. The best way to permanently fix the problem is to replace your pads and your rotors at the same time. This can also cause accelerated wear on the new pads if you do not replace the rotors at the same time, or at least have them turned.

Why are mt back brakes squealing Chevy has replaced them and turned the rotors and the are still squealing it has been back to Chevy 5times. They cant seem to fix it. 2007 Chevy Cobalt I deliver mail?

The caliper bolts may need lubricant as the caliper slides across the metal bolts it may squeak. Or overnight brake rotors can rust so when it first moves in the morning it may squeak.

In icy conditions can you drive with traction control on?

its recommended you put traction control on when driving in icey conditions, the car will still slide if you apply the brakes or accelerate quickly tho

Why does ABS light stay on and brakes squeal on my 96 Lincoln Town car?

Your brake system needs repair immediately. The brakes are squealing because the pads are worn out, and you are hearing the warning device or the metal to metal contact of the pad and rotor. Stop driving the car and have the brakes repaired. The ABS light may or may not go out. If it does not, there is problem with the ABS. Your standard brakes will still work.

How to repair rear brakes on a Honda Civic?

rplaced and bleed brackes on a 95 Honda civic but still no brakes

My 2002 Cavalier just had the brake pads changed the car still makes a ticking sound while I am driving and when I push down on the brakes they have very little pressure and the car slightly shakes?

i had that happen to did you change your own brakes? because i sent mine in and it cost like $300 to get it fixed plus get brakes put on so idk what they put on to fix that ticking noise.

03 expedition Replaced front rotors and pads and still shakes when applying brakes?

It must be the rear brakes at fault.

After replacing front pads and rotors do you still need to bleed the brakes?

No you dont have to. All I did was was pump the brakes with the car running

Why are the Front brakes are sliding just replaced back brakes?

You still have air in the back brake lines or they are not adjusted properly which is making the front brakes take the full load

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This grossly unsafe. If you have just the booster fail the brakes will still work but not well. If the brakes fail completely you could crash and die.