Why would park and tail and license and dash lights not work while head and signal do after bare wires on lic lights touched but now fixed all fuses ARE good on 98 Ford Ranger?

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look for more fuses, tail and turn are ALWAYS at least two fuses. fix damage possibly you blew the switch if you had too large a fuse in during the "repair" process. Relentless
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What can you do if the tail lights and dash lights are not working but the fuses are all good?

This can be used for either the back-up lights or the brake lights. There are a couple of ways to track this down. Of course, make sureyour fuse and bulbs are in good conditio

If you grounded a bare wire while installing speakers in a 1994 Dodge Ram and now the interior lights and radio don't work but the fuses are all good what could be wrong?

Answer The fuse for the radio's constant power and the domelight might be located under the hood in the fuse panel there. Also the same fuse should power the cigar lighter.

Why would the bare wires going to license plate lights touch each other and spark and now the parking and tail lights instru lights are all out on a 1998 Ford Ranger but all fuses and bulbs are OK?

Answer . \nI had this happen to me once. \nIt was a fuse I would change the fuse anyway.\nSometimes the fuse boxes are located in more than one location.\nFuse are the weak

What would cause a 1996 Monte Carlo ls to not have parking lights or dash lights but the brake lights and turn signals work bulbs and fuses are good?

Check your fuses again because the parking lights and dash lights often share the same fuse; that is why they both quit. Answer Parking light fuse is not in the fuse block

What needs to be checked when your tail lights as well as your dash lights and brake lights the headlight switch has been changed and the fuses and bulbs are all good in a 98 Ford Contour?

I ha dthis very same problem and couldn't find anything. I replaced the headlight switch twice and while I was trying it the second time I turned the switch on and off and it

Headlites work but no tail litess or dash lites so i changed all the fuses found out both license plate lites are corroded blown and removed and all parking lights and dash lights dont work Ideas?

Check your headlight switch. You might have a bad switch (fairly common). There are two circuits that go to the headlight switch. One wire feeds the headlights and another one