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Why would the 4 wheel drive on a 1992 Ford Ranger Xcab not engage when the floor mount lever is pulled?


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2004-12-04 05:47:50
2004-12-04 05:47:50

IF it has a vacume actuator on the axle-maybe no Vac or 12 Volts IF IT has Locking HUBS they Freeze up from not being used---- ? sometimes ? U can go from Drive to Reverse (a few times) to free up the locking gears inside the HUBS.


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does your front axle hav lockouts? engage them. What kind of axles do you have. Is the sshifteractually hooked up?

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well when you push the pedal completely to the floor and put it in gear on level ground and it starts to engage without lifting your foot off the floor, that's when you know your clutch master cylinder has gone out on you and trust me i know i just replaced it on my little danger ranger about a week ago and its about a 50 dollar part

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