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You probably have a faulty temp blend door actuator in the front. It is located directly behind the radio on the front of the AC/heater case.


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Cooling fan not working, or your cooling system needs a complete service. The cooling fan should be on continuously when the A/C is on.

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I am looking around to replace the transmission on my 1995 Ford Windstar and the information that I received from several different mechanics is that the 1995 Windstar transmission is a "one year" transmission so you pretty much have to get a 1995 transmission for a 1995 windstar engine. I'm no mechanic and really have no idea but this is just what I've been told... someone out!

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About the only place would be a wrecking yard.

Windstar mini-vans are front wheel drive.

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Let the engine cool off after being run.The cooling system pressure is a result of the coolant being heated - once the heat dissipates, so will the pressure, making it safe to remove the top of the coolant reservoir.

Not likely - the 1999 Windstar was a rather significant updating of design compared to 1995-1998 models.

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Since the GL was the mid-level Windstar model, rear air conditioning would have been an option available at the time of purchase.So the answer is that it depends on the individual vehicle.

The speed control device or speed sensor on a 1995 Ford Windstar is located on the transmission. It is a plug in just behind the bell housing.

For a 1995 Ford Windstar : GL ( either 20 or the optional 25 U.S. gallon tank ) LX ( 25 )

I would have the alternator tested. If the alternator is over charging the battery then it is just cooking it.

The 1995 Windstar uses the current ODB-II diagnostics scanner and codes.See "Related Questions" below for more about reading and responding to trouble codes.

Not very likely to be interchangeable. There were many changes over those years. I would suggest checking with local auto salvage yards (junk yards) for a better assessment...

Low of coolant, thermostat is stuck closed, radiator is clogged, cooling fan is not working, or blown head gasket.

radiator coolant switch, pcm coolant switch, relay , pcm , related circuitry or fuse.

there are alot of sensors which one are you looking for

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