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Either the coolant level is low in the recovery tank or the sensor is defective or has a loose connection.

actually most of the time it's the floating magnet in the tank. the magnet goes up and down with the coolant level. If your coolant level is where it should be and it's not overheating then it's something to do with a sensor. but before you run out and buy a new one there a little trick you can do. loosen the tank (it's only one screw that holds it in) and give it a good shake for about 10 seconds. what happens is the floating magnet will get stuck making contact with the sensor and trick it into thinking the coolant is low. 90% of the time this is the problem!!

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2010-02-25 02:11:18
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Q: Why would the Low Coolant light on a 2001 Pontiac Grand Am come on even though coolant level is good for a split second when you first accelerate?
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Where is the second sensor for the 'Engine Coolant Light' on a 1996 Pontiac Grand Prix?

On the side of the radiator, by the filler neck? This is the only low coolant sensor I know of. *Ditto here; There is only one for temp and another for coolant level. Each sets off a different warning light on the dash.

What to do if all of the coolant has emptied out of the radiator?

First, do not run engine. Second, determine where the coolant has leaked from. Third, consult a mechanic with your findings.

How do you bleed air from the cooling system of a Pontiac Grand Am?

It should be a bleeder screw connected to the cooling system, it might be two.If you find it,you should open one at a time.Pour coolant into the system slowly,until coolant start coming out of the bleeder screw and then close it . DO it to the second screw too.Now if you do not have the bleeder screws.Pour coolant into your system slowly and squeeze the top hose until no bubbles come out and the coolant level should go down at this time and then pour alittle more in there

Where is the coolant sensor on a Renault kangoo?

There is one on that Rad think the second is beside the termostat housing

Why is the Cutlass supreme low coolant light blinking?

First off, check your engine coolant tank. If it's low, then that's the problem. Put more coolant in. If it's at the correct level, then look to see if there's gunk buildup. Second, is your engine overheating? If the engine is not overheating, and there is gunk buildup in the coolant tank, then you may just need to clean the sensor. If there is no gunk in your tank, your coolant level is fine, and your engine is not overheating, then it may be a bad sensor, and you need to replace it.

Where is the coolant temperature sensor in a Honda Accord LX?

The coolant temp is located under the distributor. It has 2. One with a single red wire and the second with 2 wires green/yellow, blue/yellow

What is the best way to fush out your engine?

Auto parts stores sell coolant flush kits some are just a chemical you add to water after draining the old coolant. The other uses your garden hose fitting you install to flush the system after you drain the old coolant. I personally use the second method.

The knock sensor on 95 ford probe gt is threaded under the coolant pipes,removing top pipe was easy, trying to undo the second pipe is difficult because of a bolt to close to heads. How would you recommend removing second coolant pipe?


Is there a second place to check-fill coolant other then the reservoir on a 2003 Jetta?

Is there a cap on the top of the radiator?

What are the two sensors on 99 beetle 2.0 coolant flange?

When standing in the front of the car, the first sensor is the coolant temperature sensor. The second one closer to the car bulkhead is the thermostatic auxiliairy fan switch sensor.

In newton's second law force causes a mass to what?

... to accelerate.... to accelerate.... to accelerate.... to accelerate.

Is there a diagram of the coolant system for 1994 Oldsmobile achieva?

I have a Haynes manual for the Achieva and no diagrams are supplied for the coolant system.  In general, most coolant systems in vehicles are similar.  Here are the key sections: 1.  Thermostat -- A water valve that closes when the engine cools to a certain point.  Its job is to hold coolant inside the engine block until the temperature rises to a certain level.  When the coolant is hot enough it moves out of the block. 2.  Water Pump -- Pushes coolant through the block and radiator systems 3.  Radiator -- The radiator provides a means for coolant to shed heat.  Coolant typically enter the radiator at the top, driven by the water pump and the exits at the bottom. 4.  Overflow Reservoir -- This is a container that provides storage space for coolant as it expands when the engine is hot.  As the engine cools and the coolant contracts, it is drawn back into the cooling system. 5.  Heater Core -- The heater core receives heated coolant from the system.  A fan blowing across coils transfers heat into the air where it is blown into the passenger compartment. 6.  Cooling Fan -- Generally this electric fan turns on when a sensor tells it the water temperature is too warm.  The electric fan improves fuel economy because it loads the engine only when it is running.  Older styles of fans were driven by the belt and pulley system, which means they turned all the time the engine was running. 7.  Coolant Cycle (in general) -- Thermostat holds coolant inside the block until it reaches a certain temperature.  Thermostat opens and coolant reaches the water pump which  pushes coolant into the top of the radiator, coolant flows from the bottom of the radiator into the engine block and the heater core.  Coolant flows through the block back to the water pump. Specific information can be provided based on the vehicle model, year and engine data. ======== Appendix. Cooling system contains also the information Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor with two contacts that located on the thermostat housing, Elecrtonic Control Module (ECM) in the salon, the radiator fan relay in the box on the fireboard and the safety cap on the reserve coolant tank. The second reference Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor on the housing body has one contact (the second contact is on the sensor body) and used for the temperature indicator on the panel. I myself, 8/29/09

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