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This happened to me today on a major highway. The Ford garage told me it is a transmission problem. Check transmission problem solutions here in this blog. Solenoids, etc. It means your transmission is slipping, that happens in a lot of Mercury mystiques. not all true there is a throttle position sensor or T.P.S. on your throttlebody try that its way cheaper than transmission

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โˆ™ 2009-07-17 01:21:02
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Q: Why would the RPM go up and down in a 97 Mercury Mystique?
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When max RPM for a new mercury 200 hp optimax outboard?

the rpm is 5700

What is the recommended RPM range for a 2 stroke 35 hp mercury?

5000-6000 rpm

What is the maximum RPM for a mercury outboard motor 200hp efi 2.5l xri?

5000-5500 rpm

What is the average rpm of a car?

If you're talking engine rpm, cruising down the highway doing the 65 mph speed limit, an average rpm would probably be 2000 to 2200.

Why will your 2001 mercury 4 stroke outboard not operate at more than 2400 RPM?

My 115 EFI mercury outboard would only generate 4200 RPM. The power gradually reduced and finally levelled off at 2400 RPM. I have had other problems in the past relating to power settings. Fuel injectors and impellor have been eliminated as potential causes.

1990 corvette has a RPM problem it is up and down and land on 8000?

what is wrong with my rpm it goes up and down

Why would a 1992 Accord EX rev up and down from 1500-2500 RPM in park and when in drive stay around 1500 RPM and idle at no less than 1000 RPM?

possibly bad distributer

How do you adjust RPM for the 1996 mercury villager?

Idle speed is set by the PCM and IS NOT ADJUSTABLE.

Why would the battery light flicker when accelerating to 3000 rpm?

Sounds like the brushes are worn down in the alternator.

What happen if the RPM of power generator is going down and what is cause of this?

There are several reasons that the rpm of a power generator is going down. The rpm going down could cause damage to the motor if it is not fixed. To find the exact reason why this is happening review your user manual.

I have a 2003 Mercury 115 that runs rough at low rpm help?

A 2003 Mercury 115 that runs rough at a low rpm might be having a problem with the MAP Sensor or the Oxygen Sensor. The MAP Sensor is going to be the easiest one to replace because it is usually located plugged into the EFI (Electronic Fuel Injector), a fancy would for carburetor.

What is the normal RPM at idle on 2009 impala?

09 chevy impala rpm jumps up and down

Why does your RPM go up and down?

Rpm stands for revolutions per minute. This is talking about the revolutions the crankshaft goes per minute. The faster you go to more revoultions that are accomplished. Therefore the faster you go, the rpm goes up. And as you slow down it goes down.

Is it harmful to play a 45 rpm vinyl at 33 rpm?

No, but why would you?

What should be your RPMs at WOT on your 1964 650 mercury?

4800-5200 RPM according to the manual

What is the redline on a mercury cougar V6?

~6900 rpm. Never rev it above 3500 in neutral

What would cause your 1995 Chevy s10 to idle at 3000 RPM when you start it?

vacuum leak. my 95 Monte Carlo did it. once in a while it would race to 2500 rpm then settle down like normal. not easy to find , but a cheap fix.

What is the RPM needed to downshift a dump-truck?

It is not so much the proper RPM but the difference in RPM between gears. If you up shift at 1800 and going in next gear you are at 1200, then you have a 600 RPM split between gears. So downshifting you would be around 1200 and would while floating gears or double clutching bring the RPM's up to 1800-1900. Many trucks have RPM range stckers on the visors my old Mack was 1050-1750, that's a 700 RPM range, I would down shift when I hit 1050-1150, at 1150 I would have to bring the RPM's up to about 1850 to get it to go into gear.

1999 Mercury Mystique with 70000 miles When you have the ac on and you are sitting at a light the rpm gauge goes from 600 to 800 every time the compressor clicks on Is this normal?

it sounds like your low on freon. the idle kicks up to comensate for the extra load from the compressor . if its low on freon the compressor short cycles causing the eratic idle

How much horsepower does a 1987 mercury grand marquis have?

According to my Chilton's Auto Repair Manual : For a 1987 Mercury Grand Marquis : The 5.0 liter / 302 cubic inch V8 is rated at ( 150 horsepower at 3200 RPM and 270 ft.lbs. torque at 2000 RPM ) The 5.8 liter / 351 cubic inch V8 is rated at ( 180 horsepower at 3600 RPM and 285 ft.lbs. torque at 2400 RPM )

Why does your Truck tremble when stopped as the RPM needle moves up and down in Drive gear?

Im guessing it would be a bad idler.

What would make the rpm needle rev up and down in 1990 Honda civic while the car is in PARK and running?


What causes the rpm to fluctuate in a 1991 Mercury Cougar?

check crank sensor and air mass meter.

What is the maximum speed of the mercury monterey automatic 8cyl 330hp 1958?

The maximum speed of the mercury monterey automatic 8cyl 330hp 1958 is called 3000 rpm.

Your RPM is jumping up and down?

if it drives normal except when you let off the gas the rpm jumps then it is a map sensor