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Most all alarm systems have various sensors for detecting such things as vibration, heat and or movement around your vehicle and so forth. If these sensors are set to sensitive and or are defective the alarm system will be more of a nuisance than a deterrent. , EzForJesus

PS if this is an OEM type of alarm you might want to contact your dealer for this information.

There are 2 sensors which you have to be aware of. One is under the hood and one is in the trunk. My trunk sensor was sticking and the alarm was intermittently going off at all times during the day and night. I disconnected the trunk sensor and the car has functioned normal ever since. I bought an electrical wiring diagram for my car and figured it out.

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Q: Why would the alarm go off randomly in your 2001 Mercury Sable?
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What is the oil specification for a Mercury Sable 1995 model?

The 1995 Mercury Sable would have come from the factory with ( 5W-30 ) oil in the engines

What would make the brake lights randomly flash when the car is not running?

the alarm

What would cause a car alarm to go off randomly?

Thunder, rain, or defective sensor

How much does it cost to fix a ball joint?

how much would it cost on a 2004 mercury sable

Why would fuel shut off kickoff in Mercury Sable?

Could be a bad inertia switch.

Where is the transaxle fluid dipstick on 2000 Mercury Sable?

On a 2000 Mercury Sable : The automatic transaxle ( transmission ) fluid level dipstick would be near the firewall just to the drivers side of the engine ( where the transaxle is bolted to the engine )

Why does an alarm sound on a mercury 115 outboard motor?

It would depend on the alarm, a steady alarm indicates an engine over heat. If the engine alarm is a series of beeps, this would indicate an oil pump / supply failure.

What would cause the transmission not to move when in gear on a Mercury Sable?

Replace your transmission pump or get a new transmission.

What is OD off alarm in ls sable mercury?

The O/D OFF light in your dash indicates that the OVERDRIVE on your transaxle ( transmission ) has been switched off ( you don't mention which year this is , but if the light is flashing that would indicate that a problem has been detected )

Where is the CD changer in a 2002 Mercury Sable?

According to the 2002 Mercury Sable Owner Guide : ( the 6 disc C.D. changer is either located in the center console , the trunk , or the right side of the cargo area , that would be for the wagon version )

Why would a 1998 Mercury Sable stall and idle rough?

check pcv hose elbow for vacuum leak.

Why would the headlamps not work in 1993 Mercury Sable when the bulbs and fuses are working?

check all your ground wires

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