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there is a awitch on the chassis rail that needs to be bled, or replaced either go to a mechanic or get a workshop manuel this switch is called hydraulic control unit (HCU)

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How do you replace the front brake rotors on a 1995 Grand Marquis and are there any torque specifications?

See detailed instructions here...

98 Ford F-250 shaking when bracking?

Check your antilock brake system, and rotors may be warped

Do you need a torque wrench when replacing pads and rotors?

You do not need a torque wrench when replacing brake pads and rotors. Some of the tools needed to change the rotors and pads are the c-clamp, sockets, wrench, grease, and brake cleaner.

How do remove the front rotors on a 1997 Grand Marquis?

remove stud locks

Why does a 1994 grand marquis wobble when driving?

Could be the tires, or your front brake rotors

Are the rotors on a 1991 Mercury Capri pressed on?


How do you replace rotors on a 1998 mercury marquis?

With the front end jacked up and on supports, remove the wheel, remove the calipers, then just pull off the rotor and replace. It is good to replace the disc pads also.

Can you put new rotors on without replacing brake pads?


How much should replacing brake rotors cost on a Chrysler Pacifica?

Replacing brake rotors on a Chrysler Pacifica will vary in price depend on the labor cost. The price should be around $150 dollars.

Do you need to replace the brake pads if you are replacing the rotors?

depends on the condition od the pads. If worn or have groves etc from the rotors then replace.

1992 mercury grand marquis why does it shakes every time you try to brake?

Most likely you will have to have the brake pads and rotor changed in the front. The rotors are warped, due to thin ( cheap )material. This is called brake chatter.

How do you replace the emergency brake shoes on a 1994 mercury grand marquis?

They are on the inside of the rear rotors. Once the caliper is removed, remove the rotor. Sometimes a good 5lb hammer might help if they are stuck. The pads are inside.

If I want performance rotors do I need to put them on the front and back or will just new front rotors work?

The majority of the stopping power is performed by the front rotors. I would start by replacing them.

What is the cost of replacing brake pads rotors and calipers?

Don't know about calipers - have never needed to replace those. If you are replacing, yourself, the parts (pads and rotors) will cost anywhere from $120 up for front pads and rotors (pads $20 up for a full set, rotors $45 up each). If you check the web, there are some sites where you can order an entire set (pads and rotors) for around $90.

Replacing front rotors on a Honda accord 1999?

take brakes off and calipers off, next rotors should come off easily.

Do you have to replace the rotors when replacing the brake pads?

Not unless they are under the minimum thickness spec.

You have shaking in the front of your 1998 Mercury Mountaineer The steering wheel shakes also It does seem to get worse between 65 and 70 mph you were told it was your wheel bearings but they were ok?

there is a chance that your rotors are warped and need replacing"Possible"

Why the stering chack when you press the break?

your rotors are probanly warped and need refinishing or replacing. Its normal.

Do you have to replace rotors when changing brakes?

Most of the time, you can get by with just replacing the pads. The rotors generally do not need to be turned if there is no pedal pulsation or vibration. Rotors will need to be replaced if the exceed the minimum thickness which is stamped on the web (area with lug holes).

Is it hard to remove the rotors on a 2002 Mercury Mountaineer since it is all wheel drive?


What is the price of replacing brake pads and rotors for a 2004 Honda Accord?

In may area around $150.

Average cost of replacing brake pads and rotors on truck?

WELL, I HAVE A 2005 TOYOTA SUV AND I JUST HAD MY FRONT ROTORS AND BRAKE PADS REPLACED AND IT COST ME 325.00. If you do it your self it is about 140.00

Why do new brakes squeal?

Could be inferior brake pads or glazed brake rotors. If the new pads were installed without machining or replacing the rotors that could also cause brake squeal.

After replacing rotors and pads on 2003 Mercedes c230 how do you reset warning wear pads on dashboard?

Replace the sensor

Gas pedal vibration in 2007 Hyundai tuscon?

Hard to say but likely brake rotors need replacing