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The Voltage regulator in your alternator is bad, you need a new alternator. The alternator in a 1996 Ford Taurus contains a VR built into the alternator and usually can not be replaced without overhauling the alternator.

Ans 2 -This is fairly Common It is a problem with the Alternator but the alternator may not be bad. The battery light is just signaling that the cars power(12v) is unusually low. Try adjusting the belt it is probably slipping at the higher rpm's. It may seem tight and not slip at low rpms. Best and cheapest option replace the belt. If that doesnt work have the alternator looked at it may not turn freely enough to operate properly at higher rpms. Finally replace alternator.

Answer3 -Try having the alternator tested, I've seen alternators that would work at low rpm, and cut out at higher rpm's.

my 96 taurus has the battery check light on when it starts or idles. light goes out when accellerator pedal is moved higher rpm. have new battery,new starter, had alternator checked as ok. did think my belt was a bit loose. got new tensioner .noisy pulleys. so i took sepentine belt off cleaned pulleys with engine cleaner,put new dayco serpentine belt on. noise gone and battery light hasnt come back on.

Answer4 -I was having problem with a speed sensor on my 96 Taurus. The enguine was reving to high because tranny wasn't shifting to second gear. At times my alternator light would flash. The belt was loose. The belt finally became wound out and came off the pulleys. I'm here to find out how to adjust the 'belt tensioner'.

Answer 5 - I had the same problem with my 1994 Taurus. I have a little bit of experience working on cars, kind of a backyard mechanic. Anyway, I removed my alternator and disassembled it and found the rectifier had shorted out. It's really simple to replace and the part is available at most auto part stores and is not expensive at all. In fact, I performed this back in June 2000 and still going today( April 2005). Try this repair or just remove your alternator and take to any Auto Zone for diagnostics and just swap for a rebuilt/new one. Good luck.

ANS 6 - The problem is in the voltage regulator, BUT you may NOT need a new a whole new alternator ! - The Voltage regulator block is easily replaceable in these alternators and costs about $30. ( compared to over 200 for an alternator)

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The problem is in the voltage regulator, BUT you may NOT need a new a whole new alternator !
- The Voltage regulator block is easily replaceable in these alternators and costs about $30. ( compared to over 200 for an alternator). I have done this repair in 3 Taurus's.
- If you can't fix this, I would advise taking it to an independent 'Alternator /starter' business. I see many in Canada. You usually get a good repair cheaper than at dealer.

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Q: Why would the battery light on a 1996 Ford Taurus flash at about 3500 RPMs and stay on above that?
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Why does the battery light flash on your 1996 Ford Taurus and you have a new battery and the alternator seems to be fine also have a new belt and when the battery light flashes your lights dim?

Battery light usually means alternator not charging. Most common solutions would be be a bad alternator, bad connection, or loose alt belt.Also check that the belt is routed correctly - I found a wrong way to route the belt and had similar symptoms.See "Related Questions" below for routing diagram sources

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