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Ford effed up in order to capitalize on parts money... on right fenderwell, you will see a black plastic shield, remove it. under the shield, next to the firewall there is 2 connectors. the 8-pin connector is the one in question. there is a fat gray wire which is burnt. cut and reconnect the wire w/ buss butt connectors as needed....

this takes care of the air ride (but you are not finished yet....

next, remove the long black plastic shield on firewall directly behind engine. locate the BROWN relay. on the relay, locate the pink w/ blue striped wire. at about 3-4 inches away from relay, cut the wire...yes, cut it!!! on the end of same wire connected to the relay, attach a blue connector. to continue, purchase a new relay equivalent to the brown one.

the tan/yellow wire on the brown relay is spliced to the #1 pin of new relay. the pk/blue wire on the brown relay is spliced to the #3 pin of new relay. pin #2 and pin #5 are grounded to chassis...

this will be about an hour if inexperienced w/ cars...

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Q: Why would the brakes and air suspension both fail at the same time on a 1988 Lincoln Continental?
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Why would the brakes stop working on a 1974 Lincoln Continental?

Brake Booster needs replaceing

Why would your 1997 Lincoln Continental be sitting low in the rear?

Check the air bag suspension. Also, the pump may be bad.

Why would a 1993 Lincoln Continental Power Steering overheat?

only if it doesnt have fluid.

What would make a popping sound when you hit the brakes hard?

It's probably a loose suspension or brake component and the axle assembly is shifting slightly when you hit the brakes. I'd have to hear it to be sure.

93 mark 8 need to change to coil shocks on this board it says continental fits back will it fit the front too if so what year continental would it be like buying replacement shock coils for cont?

no... the continental front suspension will not fit. i did some research about this for my 93... the suspension from a cougar or a thunderbird will bolt right in

Does a 1991 Lincoln Continental Have Aluminum Heads?

On a 1991 Lincoln Continental : I'm not a mechanic / technician but I have never heard of aluminum heads for the 3.8 litre Ford V6 engine So , I would assume they are cast iron

What if your 95 Lincoln Continental rear lights don't come on when front lights are on the come on only when you step on the brakes?

It would either be a bad wire in the circuit from the brake light switch on the brake pedal to the bulbs, OR the bulbs have 2 filaments in them and the one that comes on when you apply the brakes are worn out, OR someone put the wrong bulbs in(single filament). I would change the 2 bulbs first.

What type of freon uses my Lincoln continental 1989?

Would have been built for R12, can be converted to R134a.

Why would the air conditioner blow hot air in a 2000 Lincoln continental?

You might need freon

Would replacing the battery and alternator on a 2002 Lincoln Continental affect the power seats?

No, as being a master mechanic, it would have nothing to do with it.

Why would the air suspension not be working in a 1994 Lincoln Continental after disconnecting and reconnecting?

put your old key in turn it to acc not all the way then open the bottom screws and look and you wil see a hole use a small screwdriver and push the pin the hole key will come out

How can i read the check suspension codes on my 93 Lincoln mark 8?

I think the check suspension plug is under the hood on the pass. side and you would need a OBD1 scanner to check it. It's usually gray in color and says air suspension on it.

Where is the neutral safety switch located on a 1997 Lincoln continental?

That would be found on the transmission where the linkage hooks up.

What would cause a 1994 Lincoln Continental to turn but not start Not the battery?

It isprobably not getting fuel or not getting spark.

What is a DCL for in a 1994 Lincoln Continental?

Since I couldn't delete this question, I will answer it: DCL is a Diagnostic Connector Link found on all OBD2 and OBD1 vehicles. This question was asked specifically in reference to a 1994 Lincoln Continental, which has 2 of them. One is under the hood where you would expect to find it. The other is in the trunk, and only this model vehicle has. The link in the trunk may possibly be solely for accessing the air ride suspension system computer, or possibly for a few other system computers.

1995 Lincoln Continental air suspension compressor will not come on?

It sounds like your compressor was killed. What more than likely happend is that your airbag got a hole or crack in it causing the compressor to work overtime. I would recommend a conversion kit. This is a permanent fix to suspension problems. Try that is where I did my conversion about 5 years ago and have been very happy ever since. Good Luck

Why would the air bag light be blinking code 36 on a 2001 Lincoln Continental?

There is a problem with the SRS...have a dealer check it.

Why would the fuses for the air suspension and interior dome lights keep blowing in a 1992 Lincoln Town Car?

your air bags have a lick

What kind of car is the same name as a hotel breakfast?

Lincoln Continental, although some people would call this a boat, not a car.

Adjusting abs brakes 98 s-10?

You would adjust the brakes on a vehicle with abs brakes the same way you would adjust the brakes on a vehicle without abs brakes.

Would a bad oil sending unit cause the warning ding on a 1994 Lincoln Continental? Tappet Brothers know all.

Why would 95 Lincoln Continental crank but not start intermittently?

I had the same issue with was the crank/fuel sensor...cost - 50.00 for part

What does it mean when the display shows air ride suspension disabeled in a 1998 Lincoln Continental?

In the trunk there is a switch to where you can turn the air leveling system off. You have to do this if you jack the car up for any reason. So if someone forgot to turn it back on it will show disabled. Or if a fuse is blown or a short it would pop up too.

What would be carried by suspension?

Silt and clay would be carried by suspension in streams or rivers.

Why would the air suspension light come on and the airbags do not leak on a 93 Lincoln Town Car?

You should check the air suspension switch, located on the passenger's side of the trunk. If the switch is off, the light will come on, also check the air suspension fuse. If both of these are OK, then the pump could possibly be going out.