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My 99 Ford Windstar was doing that; as well as hestitating to shift when driving. It was diagnosed with a bad torque converter.

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โˆ™ 2007-04-14 18:58:17
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Q: Why would the car go dead when shifting from Park to Drive?
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why would you want vehicle in drive, when battery is dead? If you need to get it out of park when battery is dead, there should be a little cover (real small) on steering wheel body, that you pry off, careful not to damage cover. once off you can stick your key in and move vehicle out of park ( shift lock release). most of your other cars this device is on or around the gear selector, different with odysseys though! hope this helps

Why is there a clunk when pulling out from a dead stop on a 98 Tahoe?

When you mean "pulling out from a dead stop" was the truck in an incline position of some sort? If so, it could be due to the fact that the truck is resting on its "drive train" in the park position too much. A simple solution such as engaging your "E-Brake" before shifting your vehicle into (P)ark could eliminate such noises... By engaging the vehicles E-Brake before shifting into (P)ark allows your vehicle to rest on the E-Brake itself instead of the "drive train" itself. Such a simple action will help prolong the life of the drive train in the long run... I would also suggest taking a look at your "U-joint" as well; such a noise can occur when U-joints go bad... Hope this helps...

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What causes a 98 Malibu to make a clunking noise that can be felt in the brake when shifting from reverse to drive and upon acceleration from a dead or slow stop?

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