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It's due to a defective radio - mine did the same thing and the dealer replaced the entire radio at no charge

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โˆ™ 2005-12-19 14:13:49
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Q: Why would the climate control and radio and shift column lights go off in a 2003 Honda Accord?
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Can I reset blinking lights on climate control?

i wish i knew

How do I fix the 1989 Honda accord climate control panel wherein the front and rear defroster stopped working?

Is it the push button style climate control panel? If so I am having the same problem. I can not adjust where the air blows from because its not getting the signal from the buttons. Also the lights are not Illuminated and the rear defrost does not work.

Warning lights on a Honda Accord?

The warning lights on a Honda Accord are the same as the warning lights on most other cars.

No turn signal or hazzard lights the fuses are good what could be the cause?

bad wiring in your steering column to the hand control?

What is column lights used for?

Column lights are used for lights on the oustide of your house. These lights keep your driveway bright so intruders don't try to steal or rob anything.

What bulb is needed for dipped lights on a 05 Honda accord?

dipped lights? What is dipped lights?

What would cause the electronic climate control buttons and display in the dashboard of my 1998 BMW 328i die?

if all buttons and lights went out on your climate control then either its not receiving proper power or ground, or the control panel assembly is faulty.

What are 2008 Honda Accord warning lights?

Warning lights on a 2008 Honda Accord include the gas light and the check engine light. There is also lights that come on when doors are open.

Why is the full beam light showing on the dashboard when i turn the lights on?

could be two things bad earth behind the dash or on the lights. Or if you control your lights on a stem coming off the steering column that could be faulty? it is indicating your daytime driving lights are on

Why are your dashboard lights and tail lights out in your 1996 Honda Accord?

check your fuses

Why would Climate control lights and heat and air conditioning stoped working on 1999 sable?

Check the fuses.

How do you replace dash lights on 99 Honda accord?

replacing dash board lights

Why the signal switch and hazard lights don't work on a 1993 Honda accord?

it dont have lights

Why would interior lights and rear lights go out on a 1995 Honda accord?

The interior lights and rear lights might go out on a 1995 Honda Accord because the light fuse has blown. Check the fuses under the hood or under the steering wheel to confirm.

Where is the flasher for a 90 olds cierra?

Hazard lights are on the right bottom side of the steering column. The brights are on the left side control switch attached to the steering column, simply pull towards you instead of up or down for directional lights. On the far left side of the dash board are the parking lights and regular headlights that you push on the top to activate and push down on the bottom to turn off the lights.

How do you change light bulbs for climate control on magnum?

You don't replace the lights in the dash board climate control. It is a singular control module. Once the lights in it burn out, that's it. You either replace it for a few hundred bucks or just live with it. A quick and cost effective way to get light in that area is to buy a little 12 volt light that you plug into the cigarette lighter with a flexible neck.

2003 buick rendezvous and the interior lights on the radio panel and climate control panel do not worksome of them do .So you were wondering what the problem was and how to fix it?

They can't be fixed. You have to change the radio. The climate control is the same way, You have to change the unit to get the light working.

What parts on the car does the multi function switch control?

Different cars different controls. Usually turn signal, lights, wipers etc on steering column.

Why are the lights on the instrument panel and tail lights not working In a 1996 Honda Accord?

You have got a blown fuse. These lights are all on the same circuit.

Why won't my 91 accord dash lights work?

The dash lights will not work on a 91 Honda Accord if the fuse or bulbs have blown. Inspecting and replacing the fuse is the first step to repairing this problem.

If a 1995 Honda Accord EX has no front interior console cover how do you tell what the lights indicate?

why do the back lights stay on when the car is off and the brake release is checked on a 1994 Honda accord

Honda Accord dashboard lights?

Honda Accord dashboard lights are design to alert the drive to any failures or errors. Each is based on specific issues which can be readily recognized based on their picture.

Why do the headlight on a 1987 Honda accord stay up even when lights are turned off?

there should be a button by the steering column that enables you to bypass the motor in the pop up headlights. Try pressing that and see if they go down.

93 Lincoln mark 8 no digital lights on temp control console sometimes heat goes on sometimes does not go on all what can be the problem?

Could be a short or the climate control unit is about to be toast.

98 Honda accord lx 4dr your brake lights wont work but others do you and a friend installed new tail lights on your Honda accord and now none of your brake lights even in the spoiler will work?

Defective or misaligned brake light switch.