Why would the front floor on the passenger side of a 1997 Jeep Gran Cherokee be wet all the time?

Hey Edmund==If you are loosing coolant, it is the heater core leaking. If you aren't loosing coolant, it is the a/c drain that is stopped up. Get under it and look up on the pass side of the firewall just under the evaporator case and you should see a drain that is stopped up. Be careful as the evaporator core is about 1 inch above the case and can be damaged by a sharp object. goodluckJoe

the water is from the evaporator due to a plugged drain..on the jeep grand Cherokee modles 93-98 you cannot see the drin hole from under the hood ..due to it drains in the fram rail there is a tsb to pull down the pass front carpet and you will see the bottom of the ac/heater housing that comes down to a v shape and a round tip the fix is to drill through the center of the round area and blow compressed air through it and and insert a plug you can get from a dealer i am a jeep tech for a dealer and performed this Chrysler repair many times ot only takes about 10mins to perform note be sure to drill in the center of the round area this is the back side of the drain