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Hey Edmund==If you are loosing coolant, it is the heater core leaking. If you aren't loosing coolant, it is the a/c drain that is stopped up. Get under it and look up on the pass side of the firewall just under the evaporator case and you should see a drain that is stopped up. Be careful as the evaporator core is about 1 inch above the case and can be damaged by a sharp object. goodluckJoe

the water is from the evaporator due to a plugged drain..on the Jeep Grand Cherokee modles 93-98 you cannot see the drin hole from under the hood ..due to it drains in the fram rail there is a tsb to pull down the pass front carpet and you will see the bottom of the ac/heater housing that comes down to a v shape and a round tip the fix is to drill through the center of the round area and blow compressed air through it and and insert a plug you can get from a dealer i am a Jeep tech for a dealer and performed this Chrysler repair many times ot only takes about 10mins to perform note be sure to drill in the center of the round area this is the back side of the drain

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Q: Why would the front floor on the passenger side of a 1997 Jeep Gran Cherokee be wet all the time?
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Where the fuse box inside a 97 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

in the floor board on the front passenger side. If you were sitting in the front passanger seat it would be right next to your right foot. There is a panel that you have to pull off.

What would cause the passenger floor to be constantly wet on a 2003 suburban?

If it's the front passenger side ,I would say your heater core is leaking .

Why would the front passenger floor board get wet in a 1990 Volvo 760?

Heater core failure.

Why would water be seeping into the cab through the floor right in front of the passenger seat?

heater core leaking

Where is the front passenger side kick panel on a 2006 Ford Taurus?

The side kick panel is to the right of the floor where the passengers feet would be.

Where is the PCM located in a 2003 Mazda Protege?

On a 2002 Protege5, it's on the front 'slope' of passenger-side floor.... where your feet would rest if you put them all the way forward. In the '5', you have to take the 'kick guard' plastic off the front-passenger-side of the center console, then peal back the floor carpet. There is the big-ass silver cover/guard protecting it. Not sure if your car would be exactly the same.

Where is the horn on a 1989 Jeep Cherokee?

try looking under the passenger side front end from the ground, there may be a plastic shield covering it (where u would wire up fog lights)

Where is the fuse panel on a 1998 jeep grand Cherokee Laredo because my owners manual says it's on the front passenger kick panel but there is no access door there?

It shows in my manual that when the passenger door is open it is opposite the passenger door near the Glove box, but mine was not there, it is at the right kickpanel where a passenger's right foot would normally be. or you could just look harder!

Where is dust and pollen filter on an Acura MDX?

I am not sure, but I would guess it would be near the floor board of the front passenger seating area. It's behind the glove compartment which has to be removed...20- 30 minutes.

Where in the Inertia fuel shutoff on 2000 Ford Focus?

Passenger side floor board, where the passenger's feet would be just to the right, behind a cover.

Saturn sc Why would the floor on a car's passenger side get wet when it rains?

windsheild leaks

Where is the front passenger side kick panel on a 1998 Mercury Mountaineer?

The side panel where the passenger's right foot would rest

Would the front springs of a Jeep Cherokee fit the front of a Jeep Wrangler?

yesmy 2000 jeep wrangler has cherokee srings instead of its stock springs it lifts it a little and rides great and is a direct fit

With the air conditioning on your 1995 Jeep Cherokee leaks coolant into the front passenger floorboard why?

Are you sure it is coolant?I would gues heatercore if it leaked regardless of the A/C. But it sounds more like the condensation is not escaping and leaking in because of a plugged line maybe.

Why would water leak onto the passenger side floor of a 2001 expedition?

Maybe a bad heater core

Why would there be pink fluid on the floor of the passenger side?

Sounds like heater core is leaking and what you are seeing is antifreeze

What causes water vapor on the floor of the passenger side of a 2001 S-10?

Water on the passenger side floor would be a plugged up AC drain. The drain is located under the hood, at the lowest point on the HVAC box on the firewall. However if the floor is wet with engine coolant, the heater core is leaking.

What would cause a whining noise in the passenger front end of a 99 beetle when backing up?

== == Could be the transmission, or a front brake is sticking on.

What is the location of the fuse box location in a 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

There are two fuse boxes on this vehicle. The Passenger compartment fuse box is located at the lower right kick panel on the passenger side near the floor board. (Basically right where the passengers right foot would res ton the floor.) The Engine Compartment fuse box or Central Junction Box is located near the right fender. ( Facing the vehicle it would be a black box with a snap lid on the left hand side of the engine.)

What would cause clunking noise in front wheels of a 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited?

Bad Struts

Passenger floorboard wet after rain Honda accord?

I would check my passenger door seal, the windshield seal, and also the drainage for the grills in the area in front of the windshield.

What would cause water to come in on the passenger floor board in a 1997 Plymouth Voyager?

The ac drain is plugged. The drain hose is on the firewall on the lower passenger side. ...that, or your heater core is leaking.

Where would the computer box be on a 1988 Mazda 323?

in front of the center console on the floor mat

What would cause the passenger floor to be very wet when it rains on a 1998 Lincoln town car?

Windshield seal? Lower door seal? Hole in floor ?

What kind of transmission is in a 1998 Jeep Cherokee Laredo?

A Cherokee would have the AW4. A Grand Cherokee would have a 44RE.