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ALWAYS tow a front wheel drive car ON THE BACK WHEELS! If you can't, use a flatbed. Your transmission doesn't circulate fluid when the engine's not running. You likely just seized the planetary gears.

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โˆ™ 2007-05-21 06:11:33
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Q: Why would the front wheels of a Dodge Neon be locked up after having it towed home?
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How do you tow a 1988 Dodge Caravan?

At least the front wheels have to be off the ground.At least the front wheels have to be off the ground.

Will 1995 dodge ram 1500 wheels interchange with 2002 dodge ram 1500 wheels?

The 1995 wheels will not clear the brakes if you put them on the front of a 2002.

How does the front wheels lock in on a 1996 GMC 4x4?

If it doesn't have manually locking hubs on the front wheels, It means it's a "constantly" locked front 4x4. You don't have to lock them, they already are.

The transfer case on your 1996 Chevy 4x4 is in 2wd but the front wheels are as if theey are still locked in?

unlock your front hubs

Where are the speedometer sensors on a 2002 dodge grand caravan?

they used to be on the front wheels?

How do you tow dodge eagle vision?

The front wheels must be elevated, minimum. This is a FWD vehicle.

Why are my front brakes locked up on 2000 dodge ram 1500?

check your calipers,theymay have froze up

Can a 2005 FWD dodge quad cab be towed with a wheel dolly?

If the front wheels are on a tow dolly, the rear shaft will need disconnected.If the front wheels are on a tow dolly, the rear shaft will need disconnected.

Dodge Dakota front drive shaft cv joint?

The Dodge Dakota pickup truck has CV joints on both front wheels. The pickup truck also has a driveshaft, as it is rear wheel drive.

Where are the ball joints on a 1997 dodge ram 1500?

near the front wheels on the upper and lower control arms

Why would the right front tire be smoking on a dodge Dakota?

locked-up wheel bearing or one that is about to lock-up.

How find out if you have 2-wheels or 4-wheels abs brakes on 2003 Dodge van 1500?

if you have wiring that runs along the front brake hoses to speed sensors at the front wheel bearings, then it has 4 wheel abs.

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