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Why would the ignition coil module keep failing on a 1992 MAZDA 626?

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I have had them fail due to heat. I used a certain dilectric grease on the underside to help dissipate the heat. If not heat, then possibly a poor ground.

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Have a 88 Chevy Celebrity engine will not restart after hot?

I would suspect a failing ignition control module.

What would cause a 1994 Mazda B-3000 to shut off while running?

I was told the computer was bad. I would test the computer first. It may also be the ignition module. I had the same problem with my '94 Mazda truck. It would be running fine and then just shut off. Also had trouble starting up every now and again. Usually i could just tap on the ignition module several times and it would start right up.

Where is ignition module on 2002 impala?

The ignition module on a 2002 Impala is located in part of the electrical system. In some cars, the module kept the car from starting. When the key was turned there would not be a clicking noise. The module works with the passlock system of the car.

What would cause a 2001 Silverado to start then instantly die?

ignition module

Would a bad ignition module cause a car to stall and not restart?

yes once the ignition control module heats up it would cause the vehicle to stall. usually after it cools down the vehicle will restart again.

Your coil is good but truck won't start would it be the ignition modual?

more than likely is the ignition module. What year?

Why would a Mazda MX6 manual transmission stall when put in gear?

Ignition module is bad I had a similar problem on a Pontiac grand am- it was the torque inverter. It would idle fine, run in nuetral, but as soon as it was put into gear it stalled with a thump.

Would a body control module shut down a car while in driving motion?

Maybe the igniton control module or the ignition module are making bad contact.

What would stop your injector from firing on a 92 Chevy Suburban?

Ignition module in the distributor.

Would a bad ignition module cause no fuel pressure in a 95 lesabre?


What would cause no spark to coil?

bad pick up or bad ignition module

What would keep a 1998 2.2 Chevy truck from firing?

A bad ignition module.

How do you do you replace ignition module?

In a 83 Oldsmobile you remove the dist cap, unplug and unscrew the module and install a new module. It would be helpful to know if this is your lawnmower or boat engine.

Where can you find the ignition module in a 91 Volvo 740?

On my 90 740gl it is right next to the ignition coil. It depends on the ignition system used. On a Regina ignition, I think everything is built in the coil (The big square one) The regular round coil is for BOSCH ignition and a separate module is use. NOT SURE, would appreciate confirmation.

How do you test the ignition module on a 91 merc capri. Auto Zone and Napa could not test.?

Answer testing ignition modulenot all part stores have the ability to test ignition modules,a sure sign would be discoloration of the module or if the outside of the module has a softness to it if neither is apparent you could go to advance auto stores and they do have a peice of equipment to test your module, I used to work at a advance auto parts store

What would cause a 1999 Chevrolet 350 to have no spark?

typically this means the ignition module is bad

Would like info on ignition troubleshooting for 92 Chevy Suburban?

test ignition coil,ignition module,pick-up coil,electronic spark control,and knock sensor

Why would a 1990 olds 98 lose power while going down the road then die and start up again drive a little more way then die and not start again?

Ignition module, ECM, ignition coil are all resonable suspects. Ignition module, ECM, ignition coil are all resonable suspects.

What is wrong with a 91 Pontiac Sunbird 3.1L that turns over but has no spark?

I would have the ignition module checked .

No spark in distributor bronco 1983?

I would suspect the ignition module. It is attached to the distributor with 2 screws.

You have No spark in 87 k5 blazer?

I would replace the ignition module that's under the distributor cap.

How do you fix no spark in a 305 v8 Chevy?

I would replace the ignition control module that's in the distributor.

What would be Location of the ignition control module on a ford cougar for 1996 4.6l?

there is no ignition control module the coils are controled by the ecm in my 96 cougar 4.6l i found it hidden behind the drivers side front turn signal look thru the small holes, you will see the fins on the module!

Where would the ignition control module be on a 1995 Ford Econoline 150 van?

THE IGNITION CONTROL MODULE can be at two locations one is mounted right near the distrubutor the other location is on the drivers side fender behind the battery.........corey

Why would you not get a spark after replacing the ignition coils and spark plug wires on a 1991 Chevy Cavalier?


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